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Zylofon Media ‘Failure’: Sammy Flex Fingered

Sammy Flex, the Head of Communication at Zylofon Media who doubles as the host of Zylofon FM’s morning show Showbiz Agenda, has been fingered as the one to be blamed should Zylofon Media fails to survive after the collapse of it’s sister company Menzgold.

Menzgold Ghana Limited, which is believed to be the backbone of Zylofon Media has had its CEO Nana Appiah Mensah declared wanted for defrauding by false pretense. The status of Menzgold now has directly affected Zylofon Media; employees asked to go home, offices closed for months and current staff alleged to be working for free.

Despite Menzgold being in crisis, one Facebook user by Ato Kwamena Baidoo believes the media company would have survived if Sammy Flex should have reduced his travels to “establish the station properly”.

According to Ato Kwamena, Sammy Flex and his crew did not take the running of the media company seriously and cited the firm’s ‘mistake’ of not hiring a Programmes Manager for Zylofon FM as one of the reasons the radio station has no advertisers aside its sister companies.

Ato Kwamena added that, if Sammy Flex and his crew were serious with their running of Zylfon Media, the company would have made enough money to take care of itself after Menzgold’s crisis.

Sammy Flex
Sammy Flex

Real name Samuel Atuobi Baah, Sammy Flex joined Zylofon Media after leaving his job as host of entertainment show AM Pluzz on Pluzz FM.

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Sammmy Flex has enjoyed his one year stay at Zylofon Media as he is seen flying out of the country, flaunting his house and cars and cruising in his CEO’s private jet.

Several Facebook posts sighted by Asembi.com on Facebook are urging the Police to contact him for Nana Appiah Mensah’s location.

Read Ato Kwamena Baidoo’s full post below:

PRIDE A Killer To Success.

If Zylofon Media Fails Blame SammyFlex & his Crew and NOT haters.
They were Never serious with the Job at hand all they were interested in was flying around and spending the people’s monies instead of establishing the Station Properly.
Who in his right senses will open a radio station without employing a Programs Manager in fact who does that?
The amount of investment put into setting up the station was virtually nobody’s business because it was free monies BUT if they were serious about it trust me the Station should be making enough money to sustain itself today that its mother company is in Crisis but what we are hearing is that all the staffs have been sent home and the ones left are doing Pro Bono ie working for nyame because they have no where to go.
Over a year of operations and you can’t even boast of a single sensible advert from a reputable company running on your station apart from your own sister companies sima brew, zylofon cash, zylofon Properties, zylofon Arts fund, zylofon tv, zylofon fm, zylofon etc.
This is the biggest JOKE for the year 2018 and when I hear them talking about haters it only tells me how awkward their thinking is.
They wasted the opportunity given to them and they are now trying very hard to sustain without money what they couldn’t do with money.
I repeat if Zylofon Media fails Blame SammyFlex & his Crew.

Another Pluzz in the making?

TWO SURE for Mid Week

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