Yvonne Nelson Slammed On Twitter After Saying She’s SHOCKED The People Of Volta Region Have Terrible Roads After Voting For The NDC For Years

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Once a while, A-list actress gets entangled in some controversy in her journey as an activist and she’s gotten ‘roasted’ after she made a tweet saying she’s shocked the roads in the Volta region are that bad after all the years of loyalty they’ve shown to the opposition NDC in every election.

It’s no doubt that, when it comes to elections in Ghana, the NDC always wins massively in the Volta Region likewise the NPP in the Ashanti Region and in a tweet Yvonne made, she was hoping the Volta region would have good roads considering the fact that they’ve always voted for the NDC always.


Yvonne Nelson

In a tweet, she wrote; “By the way, VOLTA REGION, i am shocked!!!! After all your strong votes and numbers, your major road network from akosombo to Ho is terrible, one can easily die on this road! I cant believe it, we swerved potholes like playing football.”

Several Ghanaians on Twitter didn’t take her tweet lightly and we can understand them as her tweet seems to suggest that, the other regions have streets everywhere made with ‘gold’.

After her tweet, some of the replies read:




But not everyone was against her Tweet, she had some supporters there as well.

See of the replies below:

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