“You Keep Defending Your Mike Tyson Husband” – Fans Blast Chacka Eke Faani

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’What God has put together let no man put asunder’, this has been the belief of many Africans when it comes to marriage.

But things have changed considering the comments of the people in regards to the happenings in Nigerian actress, Chacka Eke Faani’s marriage.

After she has come out to announce that she is not exciting the marriage because she is pregnant days after declaring the end of the marriage, some trust their favorite actress is in a toxic married.


Check of the comments below:

Belovesucre wrote: “D first day was ur tired of d marriage, d other day was bipolar, today is pregnant, Pls keep lying in us we are ur mattress”

Posh Amiso wrote: You’re just a distraction.. you keep defending your Mike Tyson husband. Na your family I de pity. Infact make I unfriend to sef. I tire for you exclusive drama”


Jennyluvpretty wrote: Pls what is the connection between ending your marriage and having a bipolar disorder??? I mean your husband should be with you at this time so I don’t understand why you’re saying your marriage is ended in that video.i honestly think there’s more to this but I wish you and yours well”