Women cannot always be blamed for smelly hair – Health worker says

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Valentina Esi Afful of the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana, has opined that although smelly hair in women is bad, they cannot always be blamed for it.

Speaking with Mercy Bee, the Ekumfi Princess on the Girl Vibes show which airs on eTV Ghana, she explained that some women naturally have very sweaty scalp, hence, their hair starts to smell within a short period of time.


She clarified however, that this is not to justify and encourage women to keep their hair even when it gets smelly because there are ways that they can work around it to ensure that their hair does not smell bad every time.

Detailing on some ways by which women can control this condition, she said, “They can go for hair styles that allow washing from time to time and they can also use hair sprays to keep their hair smelling good.”

Communication student, Dora Asante, also interviewed on the show, added that women who know that they have sweaty scalp should make it a point to wash or clean their scalp regularly, at least with a wet towel before going out every time.


Also for women who do not sweat excessively on their scalp, Dora noted that they can simply opt for hair sprays to keep their hair fresh and smelling good.