Will Menzgold Workers Ever Return From Leave?

Gold trading and investment firm, Menzgold Limited has asked all staff across the country to proceed on compulsory leave with reason that there is too much pressure on the firm by aggrieved investors and the biggest question is, is it the end of the road for investors?

Well, I cannot confidently confirm that indeed investors having millions of cedis locked at the firm should move on with their lives but looking at how things started to unfold a few weeks back, an investor wouldn’t need a certified economist to wake him or her up from sleep that Menzgold isn’t coming back to business.

Looks like everything happening now at the gold trading firm was planned up right from its inception and as an investor having huge sums of money locked up there, the compulsory leave order signed by the CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah for all workers to proceed on leave should be enough evidence that things aren’t going to get better any time soon.

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Another question is, will Menzgold workers ever return from their compulsory leave? NO! Menzgold staff aren’t returning back with possible reasons that;

─Company is broke and can’t pay salaries.

─Smart move to get the employee sacked with the excuse of security reasons.

─Running away from X’mas bonuses hence the decision to let them proceed on leave since there’s no activity going on that requires these employees

─Will everything be okay by December 20? NO!

─NAM1 writing and signing letters himself shows he’s fired everyone indirectly and there’s no one left to sign a letter on his behalf.

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From all the above reasons and happenings at the gold trading firm, ever since their rift with Bank of Ghana and Securities Exchange Commission started, the chances of Menzgold calling its staff back to work is very slim!