John Dumelo
John Dumelo

One of the many Ghanaians who will go down in the history books of Ghana for making the nation very proud is John Dumelo.

Everybody in Ghana admires the celebrated movie actor who starred in several movies with the top actors in Africa. Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Nelson and himself became the faces of Nollywood movie not only in Ghana but the globe.


His troubles started looming when he decided to switch into politics. In 2016, he came to Ghana and started visiting Senior High Schools across the country. People thought he was just making donations and motivating the students as it’s usually the case for celebrities to do. But unlike the others, he was sponsored by the NDC government to campaign for them in the Senior High Schools subtly. Because at the time, the opposition candidate’s message of providing Free Senior High School had taken roots in the schools and the John Mahama-led government needed a strategy to disarm him. So they employed the fine actor to do so.

He launched his political career right after he finished his high school visitation. He became the face of the youth in the 2016 campaign. In the launch of their campaign in Cape Coast, he was the only youth allowed to talk on stage and not even the National Youth Organizer was given that chance.

He worked so hard for the then president John Dramani Mahama. He explained on several platforms that he was touched by the visionary leadership of John Dramani Mahama that’s why he has decided to come and support him.


He did his best with his influence from the showbiz industry, but unfortunately, they abysmally lost the elections.

John Dumelo, who was so much admired and respected, became a laughing stock when NPP came to power.

The newly inaugurated government established a task force to seize all stollen government vehicles by the outgone National Democratic Congress. The task force operated across the country with so much success story. They found cars from the homes of former appointees and the Executives of the party that belonged to the State and collected them. The former National Organizer, Kofi Adams, took away two Land Cruiser V8 which were retrieved by the task force.


But one that shocked everyone was John Dumelo. The task force found a car at a spraying shop changing the colour and other parts of the vehicle. They asked the one working on it and he said it was John Dumelo who brought it.

They realized it was a government vehicle. They collected the car and shamed him. So he obviously has skeletons in his cupboard.

He is aspiring to be the Member of Parliament for the Ayawaso West Wougon Constituency. Because he’s a celebrity, he has social media influence. But is it going to translate into his votes in the Constituency?

It appears he’s putting up some strong campaign against his opponent, Lydia Seyram Alahsan. He provided food and other PPEs to some people this Constituency during the lockdown. He offered Data for some students in the University of Ghana, GIMPA and the University of Professional Studies all in his Constituency when those schools started online Studies.

John has been dredging some gutters in his Constituency which has generated a brawl between him and the Municipal Assembly of the Ayawaso West Wougon.

Before the closure of Schools, he was the special guest for all campus programs. He attended Hall weeks, football games, associations and department week celebrations amongst many others.

The University of Ghana is one of the largest Electoral areas in the Constituency, so none of the candidates jokes with it. He has been braiding the hairs of students on campus, visiting females rooms, he’s been eating with them and doing a lot all for their votes. He even said he’s been paying school fees for brilliant but needy students in the schools within His Constituency.

He is contesting against a woman whose Party is in power, so she enjoys that financial support than him. The woman has the support of the students because of how strong TESCON is on the University of Ghana campus. The current administration of the Students Representative Council is believed to be an appendage of the TESCON.

So let’s see how JOHN the Politician can capitalize on his stardom to win power for himself in the Ayawaso West Wougon Constituency come December 7th.


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