To many, owning expensive/luxurious cars is the epitome of being a celebrity. Fans of various stars keep arguing about the celebrity with the most expensive cars and so on. Others even judge the pedigree of a celebrity based on the type of car the celebrity owns.

Back here, our celebrities are mostly caught in the “flaunting business”. They’ve worked so hard to get to the top, and so they feel that they have to share the physical evidence of their success in order to motivate others who have not yet made it. However, others feel that these celebrities do not post their assets to motivate but rather do that to show off.


Below, we take a look at some of the Ghanaian celebrities who are obsessed with cars. These celebrities keep on updating their fleet with the latest cars in town.

Shatta Wale

Probably the loudest of all Ghanaian artistes, Shatta Wale is also known for his obsession with cars as he continuously flaunts his toys on his social media accounts. He owns two range rovers, a Mercedes Benz S550 Class Series, a Toyota Land cruiser, a Chevrolet saloon car, 2 of Toyota Camry, a G-Wagon, a Dodge Charger, a Maserati and a BMW.


Shatta Wale's house
Shatta Wale’s house


He had even given out two cars and famously purchased the Mercedes Benz S550 to “spit” into the face of Sarkodie when the latter sang a diss song to him titled Advice.

Criss Waddle

Rapper and Boss of Arab Money Gang (AMG) Music, Criss Waddle is widely regarded as one of the wealthiest Ghanaian musicians. He fleet of luxury cars include; a Bentley, a G-Wagon, Range Rover, a Chevrolet, an Audi and a Dodge.

Osei Kwame Despite

Of course, we all know that Despite is one of the richest men in the country. His taste for luxurious cars has always been clear. And during the wedding ceremony of his son, Kennedy Osei, Despite emptied his garage and put all his toys on display. It was quite a sight to behold.

His son’s wedding has since being dubbed the most expensive wedding in Ghana. Among Despite’s fleet of cars are; a Bentley, an Aston Martin, a McLaren 720S, a G-Wagon, a Maserati, 2019 Rolls Royce Phantom VIII, a Vintage Rolls Royce, a Range Rover Evogue, a luxurious Brabus Vehicle, Toyota Land cruisers, a Ferrari amongst others.

Ernest Ofori Sarpong

Ernest Ofori Sarpong is the brother of Osei Kwame Despite. Sarpong is the CEO of Special Investments, the producers of This Way Chocolate Drink and Special Drinks. And apparently, the obsession with cars run in the blood.

Ofori Sarpong has in his garage; a Rolls Royce VIII which is valued at 2.4Million cedis, a Tesla Modex valued at 530000 cedis, a Bentley Bentayga valued at 1.08million cedis, a Mercedes Cabriolet valued at 453000 cedis, a Bentley Continental Flying Spur valued at 434000 cedis, an Audi R8 valued at 1.08 million cedis, a Rolls Royce Cullinan valued at 2.4million cedis as well as a Rolls Royce Wraith valued at 1.7million cedis.

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong

The maverick politician and leading member of the NPP is also very obsessed with luxury cars. He owns a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Bentley, a Maybach, a Lamborghini, an Escalade, a Lincoln Navigator as well as a Mercedes Benz X550.

Ibrah One

Ibrah One, a social media celebrity who recently got under the skin of Kennedy Agyapong, is also one who’s obsessed with cars. Ibrah One owns; a G-Wagon, a Ferrari, an Audi, a Lexus as well as a Mercedes Benz.

Fadda Dickson

Fadda Dickson serves as the Managing Director of the Despite Media Group. And as associated with the ‘Despite’ brand, Fadda Dickson has that obsession with cars. He owns; a Ferrari, a G-Wagon, 2 Vintage Mercedes Benz as well as a McLaren Sports car valued at $350,000.

Asamoah Gyan

The former Black Stars skipper is also guilty of the ‘crime’ of obsession with cars. His fleets of cars include; a Mercedes Benz, a Range Rover, a Dodge Charger, a Porsche, an Escalade, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Hummer as well as a luxury Mercedes Benz bus.

Stephen Appiah

EL Capitano is also obsessed with cars and boasts of; a Dodge pick-up, a Porsche, a Range Rover, a Bentley as well as a Mercedes Benz.

Nana Ama McBrown

Nana Ama McBrown never gets satisfied with her cars. It seems she loses interest in her cars quickly and go for the trending ones. She hardly flaunts her cars but she’s the female actress with the most cars. Take a look at some of her cars below;

Mcbrown's G Wagon
Mcbrown’s G Wagon


Rapper Medikal also has a good taste for luxury cars. He’s obsessed with them that he changes cars every now and then.


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