To popular content creator, Kwadwo Sheldon, Shatta Wale’s feature with Beyonce has made Shatta greater than the Ghana music industry. To others, there’s no award which can be compared to being featured on a Beyonce song. Yet, to others, Beyonce is a celebrity amongst celebrities.

Instances were given when other celebrities such as Zendaya, Christy Teigen, Sza, Normani, Chance The Rapper, Tiffany Haddish, Channing Tatum and Cardi B were so much star struck to the extent that they started acting ‘dumb’ when they met Beyonce.  Forgive me that I do not know a lot of the aforementioned celebrities.


I’m not downplaying the celebrity power of Beyonce, but I do not think that Beyonce has gotten to the level of Michael Jackson. To the best of my knowledge, it is only Michael Jackson who in the world of music, remains a celebrity to celebrities. Even the ‘Mighty’ Beyonce doesn’t come close to the famous tag of being a ‘celebrity to celebrities’.

Let me compare it to the sporting world; Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have largely dazzled the world with their footballing prowess. However, in terms of the aura and presence they generate, they will never come close to a certain Muhammed Ali of blessed memory. Of course, Ronaldo and Messi are huge stars, and I do not downplay their achievements if I say that they do not yet measure up to the level of Muhammed Ali.

More so, we can make mention of Floyd Mayweather Jr who despite the fact that he has not lost a boxing match, he is not considered as the greatest boxer ever.  So do not think that I’m belittling Beyonce. Never! I’m only saying that she hasn’t reached that level where she’ll be considered a ‘celebrity to celebrities’.


Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Are we taking Shatta Wale’s feature with Beyonce a notch higher than we ought to? The African Acts who were featured in the Lion King sound track include; Tekno, Yemi Alade, Mr. Eazi, Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Burna Boy, Busiswa and Moonchild Sanelly (from South Africa) and Salatiel from Cameroon. So as seen, Shatta Wale is the only Ghanaian who was featured on the Album and so it is understandable that Ghanaians are elated.

Kenyan singer, Victoria Kimani said via Twitter, “As much as we celebrate with our fellow Africans, The obvious exclusion of Kenyans/East Africans on this Soundtrack is Depressing. The movie was based on KENYA.” Yet in another tweet, Kimani said, “That’s fine, Our Queen forgot about US. WE were not represented in her love letter to us. It hurts. That’s all”.  And so, it is obvious that a feature on Beyonce’s project is definitely no mean feat.

But there is this rivalry which exists between Ghana and Nigeria, it’s a healthy one as we always tend comparing our achievements, and even, food! You remember the Ghana vs Nigeria jollof battle? Anyway, let’s go on. I believe that with the way we are emphasizing on Shatta Wale’s feature on Beyonce’s Lion King, we’re becoming like a ‘tall dwarf’. The reality is that there’s nothing like a ‘tall dwarf’ and so you’ll be deceiving yourself by thinking that you are a ‘tall dwarf’. LOL! You are still a dwarf!


It is worthy to note that even prior to their feature in Beyonce’s The Gift Album, Nigerian stars such as Wizkid and Burna Boy had already broken through the USA and the UK’s mainstream market and so despite the fact that the collaboration with Beyonce is a huge feat, they are not so much stressing on it. Of course, it will boost their careers, but they are keeping it cool.

Let’s do some Mathematics; Nigeria has as many as 6 artistes on Beyonce’s Lion King, so imagine if every featured artiste is to make the ‘noise’ that Shatta Wale and his SM Movement are making, how will Nigeria feel like?

I believe that the hype around Shatta Wale’s feature on Beyonce’s Album must be toned down because it is only reminding us of the fact that we are so much behind our neighbours, Nigeria. Hitherto, we regarded Nigeria as our ‘noisy’ neighbours, but with this, it is apparent that the tables have turned and Ghana has so much to do if we’re to come close to Nigeria’s Music Industry.



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