The month of June in Ghana has earned for itself a dangerous title as the deadliest and scariest month out of the twelve (12) months in a year. In Ghana, when its June, the feeling is as though the dark clouds of death are hovering over the country and its accompanying vultures waiting to feast on the numerous souls that death would claim from the country.

Arguably, no month has the record of claiming lives in Ghana than June. This regular phenomenon of people dying in Ghana during June has made many Ghanaians to describe June as; the month of death, the black month and even in some communities, it is rumoured that during June, Satan himself and some demons visit Ghana to claim souls.


Residents of Accra began to live in fears when it’s June and the rains begin to fall. Not a single June has passed and no one is reported dead in Accra due to floods resulting from downpours.

In this story, we explore the June curse and look at notable instances and popular persons that died in June.

The political Killings of June 1982

During June 1982, some political players who were believed to have opposed the then ruler of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings, lost their lives mysteriously. An example is Cecilia Koranteng-Addow, a High court judge in Ghana from 1975 until her abduction and murder on 30 June 1982, during the second military rule of Jerry Rawlings. She wasn’t in the situation alone, others who suffered the same fate were two other Supreme Court justices, Frederick Poku Sarkodie and Kwadjo Adgyei Agyepong, and a retired army officer, Sam Acquah.


Many blamed these deaths on the former president Jerry John Rawlings.

The June 3rd flooding

June 3rd Disaster

It has almost become like an annual human sacrifice in Ghana. This is because, annually, when the rains begin to pour in June, lives are lost in the country to the rains and flooding regardless of whatever initiative is instituted by the government to curb the situation, and this has been the case since 1992.

Though all lives matter and all deaths are painful, Ghanaians were hardly hit on June 3, 2015 when at least 150 people died after a downpour in Accra. The incident occurred after it rained for about 2 hours coupled with a raging fire outbreak. Not much has been done to address the issue since it has become an annual ritual.


June 4th Killings


In the night of June 3, 1979, after severe indiscipline and frustrations in the Ghana Army, some junior military officers including Major Boakye Djan broke into the jail where Rawlings was being held captive and freed him. The soldiers marched straight to the national radio, Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation (GBC), to make an announcement that they had taken over the nation.

The first time the public heard from Rawlings was a now legendary statement that he Rawlings had been released by the junior officers and that he was under their command. He requested all soldiers to meet with them at the Nicholson Stadium in Burma Camp in Accra. At the meeting, the junior military officers had arrested the then three senior military officers who governed the state; General F. K Akuffo, Ignatious Kutu Acheampong and Afrifa for trial.

The officers were subsequently executed by firing squad on June 4th and Rawlings was appointed the head of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) until he handed over to Hilla Limann.

Celebrities who died in June this 2020

If we go back in history, we will be able to make a tall list of deaths of notable Ghanaians that occurred in the month of June. In other not take too much of your time, let us narrow it to only Ghanaian celebrities that have died in June 2020.

Kojo Wiafe

Kojo Wiafe

Despite Media Group was thrown into a state of shock following the news of the death of Kojo Wiafe. He was a radio presenter and master of ceremonies (MC). He died on June 4, 2020 at the Nyaho Medical Centre in Accra after a short illness. Kojo Wiafe, until his death, was a key member of the Despite Media Group and seldom hosted Okay FM’s After Drive programme and Neat FM’s Drive Time show.

Although the cause of his death is yet to be made public, some media outlets have reported that he died of coronavirus.

DJ Amess

DJ Amess was the manager of disappeared Ghanaian musician Castro. He died on the same day with Kwadwo Wiafe.

Nana Tuffuor

Veteran Highlife musician James Nana Tuffour departed to eternity in the early hours of Monday, June 15, 2020. The “Odo Kakra, Sika Kakra” hitmaker was 66 years old. It was revealed that he died at home in the early hours of the day. The cause of his death was not disclosed but reports indicated that he died after some short illness.

Nana Agyei Sikapa

Despite media once again woke up on June 19, 2020 to the news that astute journalist and fluent Twi newsreader, Nana Agyei Sikapa had died after he was rushed to the Greater Accra regional hospital. Nana Agyei Sikapa was the host of ‘Wogyedie ne sen’, ’Wo bu b3 aa’ and Tete on Peace FM.

Until his demise, the journalist was a trained teacher who had an impeccable command over the local Ghanaian Twi language. He was 55 years of age.

Miliki Micool

Ghanaian actress Beatrice Chinery, known in showbiz as Miliki Micool ‘Kejetia’ sitcom also died in the month of June. The actress was ill for some months. She was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival. She died on Wednesday, June 10, 2020, at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra of high blood pressure and other health complications. Miliki Micool was known for her role in Kejetia series as a tea seller. She also featured in the Yolo television series. She passed on at the age of 54 and left behind two children.

Bolga Zee

Actor Bolga Jay Zee of Junka Town productions in the Western Region also died in the month of June. He is one of the four Junka Town actors who have died in the past three years.

What actually is wrong with the month of June? Do you think it’s mere coincidence? It’s my prayer that the blood of Jesus protects you and your household from the spirit of death. If you believe, type AMEN in the comment box below and share!


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