After numerous speculations that one-time famous Ghanaian pastor, popularly referred to as Apraku My Daughter, has gone from rich to being broke and has taken to a life of alcoholism, he was assisted by Reverend Obofour and today, the supposed generous deeds of Reverend Obofour is being scrutinized by a section of Ghanaians and has been as a tool by many, including myself, to blame him of the death of Apraku My Daughter.

The Pastor, Evangelist Apraku, was a very popular pastor back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He was known across the country and had over 25 branches with a huge number of followings. However, all of these seem to have vanished leading to the collapse of his churches.


After news of his new life of poverty and alcoholism became public knowledge, founder and general overseer of the Anointed Palace Chapel, Pastor Kwaku Agyei Antwi, popularly known as Reverend Obofour promised the pastor to help revive his ministry and set him right with God.

Apraku My Daughter

Aside from that, Reverend Obofour promised to enlist Apraku My Daughter on his church’s payroll to be receiving an amount of GHS1000 on monthly basis, ‘rented’ an apartment for him, and bought him a new car. The famed Reverend in a video was seen delivering Apraku My Daughter from his life of miseries and alcoholism, after which he declared Apraku My Daughter free from alcoholism and poverty.

Unfortunately, months after the supposed deliverance of Apraku by Reverend Obofour, Apraku My Daughter was captured in a much-retarded state than he was before he came into contact with Reverend Obofour. His life of Alcoholism had also intensified, which eventually led to his death. Many, including myself, questioned how Apraku was able to go for good to worst despite monthly financial support from Obofour. Did Obofour lie to us and had other potential donors assume Apraku would be fine with Obofour?


In an interview Apraku had with Kofi TV before his demise, he told Kofi Adomah how poor he was and the struggles he was facing to renew his rent. Though the interviewer failed to ask if Rev. Obofour was giving him the monthly GHS1000 he promised him publicly, it was evident that Apraku wasn’t receiving financial support from Obofour as promised. He narrated on how he spent GHS3 on food and showed the only GHS2 that was left in his pocket.

I blame Rev. Obofour for the death of Apraku because of his failure to deliver his promises. Though Obofour isn’t mandated to cater for Apraku, his public declaration of continued support for him would make it impossible for one to think that Apraku was suffering to buy meals and therefore reach him with assistance. The factions in Church business in Ghana also made it impossible for other pastors to interfere in what Obofour has started.

Is Obofour telling us that Apraku rejected subsequent financial assistance he offered him? Did he publicly make such promises just for the media? Did he give up on Apraku? Why didn’t he announce publicly that he has withdrawn his support for others to come in?



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