People engaged in Kumasi over the weekend by at various drinking pubs and joints told our reporters that Slay Queen means “Prostitute”. To them, ladies get offended when they are described as such and only those whose lifestyles show signs of prostitution happily accept the title.

There are myriads of definitions for the term Slay Queen. Based on questions readers send to, we are taking a look into who a Slay Queen is.


Ideally, Slay Queen meaning in English defines a successful lady, a role model and a motivation to other females. You admire her dress code and her earned expensive lifestyle.

Unfortunately, that does not present a slay queen definition. Instead, the meaning of slay queen on social media is a lady who is concerned with how expensive she appears on social media. She will go an extra mile to maintain a fake lifestyle.

In fact there’s a myriads of definitions for slay queens and each one has a ring of truth depending on the context in which is used, see below a number of definitions.


A slay queen is a woman who wants to choke everyone else with how beautiful and cool they are. Social media and slay queen are “chanda na pete” literally. The slay queens party hard have their make up intact all the time.

A person who is able to make good comebacks or knock someone out with their sassy and witty humorous opinion.
Tyler is mah slay queen, he’s so #Sassy.

boybandnarry – A slay queen is someone who can slay any given person by simply stating their opinion.


Anyone that gives people a hard time breathing because of how beautiful they look.

Slay Queen : Girls who do not have a wealthy background but appear as if they do. They use malicious acts to attain cash, drink expensive alcohol, procure expensive cellphones. But back at home she’s a chicken chaser.

You can spot them from a distance by their obnoxious and heavy rolling accent characterized by flat pronunciations of the letter “e”.

e.g. I just don’t gat it

You batter have my money.
1. Slay Queens prey off of old, promiscuous men for their lifestyle.

Slay Queen : Young and naive girls who apparently do not date broke men. They spend hours on Snapchat and Instagram showing off things they don’t even own.

Slay Queen : A beautiful but dumb young woman who chases after wealthy men.
Nairobi slay queens ride ubers and only drink moet.

Slay Queen:
Someone who slays everything they do. They have the best everything and no one is better. They slay at life
Katy is a slay queen when it comes to math, dang gurl!

For which reason so many people would want to know what does slay mean on social media. Slay is mostly used on ladies fashion to explain someone who has killed it with her looks and beauty.

However, There are a new breed of women in town commonly known as slay queens on social media.

She may be intelligent or dumb, moral or immoral a socialite or just an imposter. or pretender.

Nonetheless, one can say that a slay queen is an attention seeker who uses social media eg instagram, twitter, facebook, etc to achieve her aim. And she does so by posting nude a semi nude pictures of herself in sexually suggestive poses.

These days, many people in Africa, especially in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya, use the term ‘slay queen’ to describe a woman that likes to show off her luxurious lifestyle even if she lives in the poorest neighbourhood and struggles to stay on her feet.

Signs She’s A Slay Queen

1.Makeup and style: She never leaves home without makeup. Almost always seen in body hugging tight sexually suggestive or skimpy outfit.

2.Love of parties: Seen as either escorts of older men or sugar daddies or politicians, football stars or pimps.

3.Expensive lifestyle: often exaggerated or fake however there are the real deals but majority are pretenders and wannabees.

4. Social media presence; Braggarts and flaunters on instagram, twitter and facebook etc. where they are not showing off their perfectly formed figures., they are stirring up a storm in a tea cup…. Who has taken who’s boyfriend or some social scandal or the other.

5. Language…Very colourful and heavily accented.

6. Choice of men; Slay queens and men is a topic for a whole other article, but we will try to keep it brief. For some slay queens, the end goal is to find a man. And not just any man; he has to be filthy rich and he needs to worship them and the ground they walk on. They don’t mind if the man is married or not.

In conclusion slay queens on social media euphemistically are a cross between the Mistressea in mediaval times and an escorts in the 21st Century.

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