Martin AMidu

Martin Alamisi Benz Kaiser Amidu between 2009 and 2016 became the most popular anti-corruption crusader in Ghana. He lost his enviable job as the Minister for Justice and Attorney General by standing firm on his principles and convictions that corruption should be abhorred in Ghana.

Having served as the longest Deputy Attorney General and Minister for Justice from JJ Rawlings time as a military ruler to his time as a democratically elected president for eight years, he stood tall as a potential vice-presidential candidate for the NDC in 2000.


Martin Amidu is one person no case of corruption can be tagged on him. He ran with Former President John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills in the 2000 general elections, and they lost. He was replaced by another person in the 2004 General Election but remained a cadre of the party.

After the NDC won the 2008 General Election, Martin Amidu was appointed the Attorney General and Minister for Justice. In 2009, businessman Alfred Abgesi Woyome took his infamous Judgement debt. Martin Amidu as Attorney General, felt the money was wrongly paid to him and started pursuing the case for the nation. His posture, attitude and conduct were found to not to be in the interest of the party and the Mills’government. He was relieved of his post.

Martin Amidu never relented in his quest to get Alfred Woyome to pay his money back to the nation in his personal capacity. He filed a number of cases against Alfred Woyome from the High Court through to the Appeals court to the Supreme Court. He used his personal funds without the support of the state nor any other individual.


He rejected so many offers to assist him financially. He earned the name CITIZEN VIGILANTE for his selfless fight. Martin Amidu gained a lot of public confidence and trust as an anti-corruption crusader and a corruption fighter.

After the New Patriotic Party won power in 2016, Martin Alamisi Benz Kaiser Amidu congratulated the president and expressed his confidence in him to fight corruption. Martin Amidu subsequently withdrew his case against Alfred Woyome from the supreme Court saying he trusts the new government to take it from there and he will assist them with all the exclusive information he has in his custody.

Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo won the 2016 elections largely due to anti-corruption campaign. The new Patriotic Party’s manifesto said they would establish an office of an independent (special) prosecutor to fight corruption specifically. They explained that the office of the Attorney General is burdened with so many cases, and they do not get time to prosecute corruption cases specifically.


They also argued that the Attorney General is always a politician and won’t have the moral right to pursue their colleague Politicians, especially when it is about their own political party. Ghanaians believed that the office of the special prosecutor was the panacea to corruption.

They established the office after a year in office after the bill was passed in Parliament. The minority raised questions about some portions of the bill that allowed the Attorney General to supervise the work of the office of the special prosecutor. The public was very anxious to see who would be appointed to occupy that office.

The president appointed the ‘corruption Terminator’ Martin Alamisi Benz Kaiser Amidu. His appointment was received with a lot of joy because he had a proven record of fighting corruption.

All the senior citizens of the country, including the former president Jerry John Rawlings, congratulated him and said he would bring the “fear of God in People”.

The public was pleased because they thought Martin Amidu would stop corruption in the country after Parliament approved him.

The public expectation was so high immediately he assumed office. They expected to hear the number of people who have been thrown into Nsawam. It’s been two good years after Martin Amidu took office, contrary to the anti-corruption and Citizen Vigilante Amidu we knew, he has not been able to send a single soul to Court. It’s not that there weren’t or hasn’t been any case of corruption.

There were a lot of cases of corruption under the Mahama-led administration that Martin Amidu himself spoke against it. Therefore it can not be the case that he has not heard about them or has he received a case to investigate yet.

We have also heard in the news of a number of people who have petitioned him and yet he has not got the effrontery to prosecute anyone.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas petitioned his office to investigate the people he caught them on camera taking bribes in his Galamsey fraud exposè.

We also heard that Manasseh Azure Awuni petitioned him over the investigations he did into the Public Procurement Authority contract for sale exposè. As of today, Martin Amidu has not even prosecuted any of them.

The president even referred a case of bribery that occurred in the purchase of Airbus for military involving a former Government Official, nothing happened.

The purpose of Martin Amidu’s office was to retrieve embezzled money for the state, but as we speak the money the state is just spending on him with no funds being retrieved by his office. Or has he been put there to only work effectively should the NDC come to office?


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