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What’s marriage? Feli Nuna finds happiness in Dollar bundles

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Most people have always argued about money being a source of happiness whilst others believe money can’t buy it.
People who are mostly with low income usually say that money can’t buy happiness but surprisingly, Ghanaian songstress, Feli Nuna has disclosed on Instagram that money can buy happiness.

The artist who strongly believes that money is a source of happiness says that although money buys happiness temporarily, she will enjoy it while it lasts because there’s death for each person on earth.


In an Instagram post sighted by, Feli Nuna seems to have ‘arrived’ as she displays bundles of US dollar notes. She however did not disclose the source and owner of the dollars she posed with but from all indications, Feli needs more of such bundles to remain happy as other things like marriage wait.

Feli Nuna  PHOTO: Instagram
Feli Nuna PHOTO: Instagram

Feli seems confused and looks like the owner of the dollars picked them up as she comes back to say she doesn’t need money to be happy.

We still can’t make the head and tail of Feli Nuna’s post on Instagram since she keeps contradicting herself.



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