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Wendy Shay swerves fans on ‘Bedroom Commando’

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RuffTown Records and signee Wendy Shay announced the release of Bedroom Commando last week and since then Shaytans and music lovers have been in expectation.

Boyfriend turns out to be a model in her latest video
Boyfriend turns out to be a model in her latest video

Google Trends revealed the anticipation as a great number of people searched for the song daily.

Entertainment Analysts say the delay in the release could be linked to the World Cup finals which could have had effect on the song’s mileage.

The wait is over and the song is here but preliminary comments from music lovers and fans indicate a kind of ‘disappointment’ despite the song receiving positive review for its lyrics and world class video.

Contrary to what was expected from Bullet, CEO of Rufftown Records and songwriter of most of the songs released by the label, Bedroom Commando came clean from profanity. Comments on social media show that people listened to the song attentively to see how Bullet played with profanity but everyone was swerved.

Do you think the label would still survive without profanity as that has been the expectations of most people?

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