Wendy Shay clashes with Ola Michael over ‘make-up’ comment

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Wendy Shay and Ola Michael almost set the studio of Hitz FM ablaze when they appeared on the Daybreak Hitz show.

The duo got into a heated argument when Wendy Shay decided to react to comments made by the entertainment panelist, Ola Michaels on Okay FM.


Ola Michael was said to have granted an interview to Okay FM in which he is alleged to have said anyone who took a photo of Wendy Shay in the morning would run away.

According to him, the Rufftown musician has an oily face that only make her look beautiful only when she makes up.

“She has an oily face. Picture beauty is what I am talking about. If you take a photo of her early morning, you will run away,” Ola Michael told Abeiku Santana.


Wendy Shay who had taken notice of Ola Michael’ comments, described him as a cyberbully on meeting him at the Hitz FM studio.

According to the “Uber Driver” hitmaker, even though everyone is entitled to their opinions. she thinks it’s bad for a man to says such words about a lady.

“He’s a cyberbully. It’s not right to talk about the looks of a woman in public.”


In the end, Ola Michael apologised over his comment with Wendy accepting the apology, saying “I have to act mature to accept your apology.”

Watch the video below:


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