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Some celebrities love to live a preferential lifestyle by getting things that are not common to what everyone haves.

These include acquiring luxury cars, customizing their car number plates, among others.


This list looks at some Ghanaian celebrities that we have seen cruising in or flaunting cars, with customized number pates in their name.

Getting this done, comes with an extra cost but these people have the cash for it.

1. Jackie Appiah:


The superstar actress is not new to this lifestyle. Jackie owns more than two luxury cars and we’ve seen her cruising in them with her name boldly written on the number plate.

2. Medikal

He is one of the youngest Ghanaian rappers but he has what it takes to rub shoulders with other Ghanaian celebrities, especially when it comes to cars.


His cars have his initials “MDK” on the plates.

3.Fella Makafui

The 24-year-old actress is the youngest Ghanaian with the most followers on social media.

Apart from her “tundra” and controversies, her love for luxurious lifestyle immensely contributed to her popularity.

Pulse.com.gh has seen about 3 cars with number plates customized in Fella’s name though the sources of those cars are questionable.

4. Criss Waddle:

The AMG record label Boss, needs no introduction when it comes to matters of cars and luxury.

He has dozens of them and ensures most of them have customized number plates in his name.

6. Wendy Shay

Days after her net worth interview went viral, the singer decided to show her fans that she did not just acquire iPhones and iPads from her music career. Wendy was seen posing a jeep with her name on the number plate.

7. Shatta Wale

The dancehall act takes pride in his assets, therefore he never misses a chance to customize the number plate of his cars to proof to you that it is his.

Shatta can even to the extent of customizing his car’s number plate with a word to send a message to anyone. He has done it before.

8. Nam1:

The business mogul and owner of Zylofon Media even owns a private. Customizing the number plates of his luxury cars should be a thing that will cost him a chicken change.

9. Yvonne Okoro

Miss Okoro comes from a wealthy home and works hard herself as well, therefore, getting the preferential treatment a customized car number plate can bring, it’s worth her sweat. So yes, we’ve seen Miss Okoro with customized V8 “OK”.


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