Anytime disaster strikes, be it flooding or fire, the most affected are the poor living in communities that are not well planned.

Burning of toilet paper, which is supposed to be flushed down the toilet in some communities, have become a matter of routine, which is done every morning.


The sheer extent of these habits, not only stretched the limits of decency, but also stressed, in a graphic detail, the fact we are still a backward people.

The last rain that caused havoc in Accra, pictures, as well as videos went viral, with some women captured dumping refuse in the drains.

This practice is not new; it is the understanding of those people, who engage in such practice that, the running water, would carry the rubbish away.


This newspaper, frowns at the practice and urges all who have the mandate to ensure that, we rise above practices that have the potential to destroy our environment rise to the occasion.

We have not done much in terms of education, our people are still living in the past. Every year, the National Commission For Civic Education (NCCE) receives budgetary allocation for the government, as well as support from donor partners.

The NCCE, has not lived up to expectation, as not much has been achieved in changing the behavior and attitudes of the people.


If the minimum standards of living cannot be observed in the capital city, we are worried about what could be happening in the rural communities.

However, we are encouraged to believe that those behind the acts of polluting the environment and dumping refuse in our drains will eventually have their date with the long arms of the law at the altar of justice.

We are predisposed to this belief because we have seen some action in the past week, with the security services, in collaboration with local authorities, give the people hope that those culpable will be brought to book.


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