Today, the internet directly and indirectly employs a great number of people and many graduates who get fed up with disbursing application letters turn to the internet to find themselves something to do.

Most of the people who end up on the internet for employment choose to be bloggers or run news websites.


In Ghana, about ten new blogs and news websites add up to the existing ones every week with nearly same number collapsing every week due to inability to pay for hosting packages or tired of waiting on that dollar that seem not to be coming.

Blogging really pays and everyone who engages in it would make a good living with it but unless these mistakes are avoided.

Mistakes to avoid when starting a new blog

1- Be Creative

Blogging isn’t your thing if you are not creative. Blogging has to do with writing and writing demands creativity. It would be very bad for you and your blog to begin by copying content from other websites. Aside Google recognizing your blog as a website created to monetise content of others, you will struggle to build your brand and audience for yourself. ‘Copy and Paste’ blogging means you have nothing to offer readers aside what they’ve already read from other websites.


Write original articles. These articles would be credited to you wherever they appear on the internet. Bigger websites crediting you for articles you made sells your brand and people begin to recognise and appreciate your existence in the blogosphere.

2- Be slow in pumping in money

It’s good to invest but be slow in doing this as some investments may not yield any results. Avoid buying Facebook page likes. The number of people who will see your posts have nothing to do with the number of page likes you buy. Research shows that Facebook pages with organic following receive higher engagements than those that purchased likes.

Instead of investing money in order to catch up with competitors, invest in acquiring more knowledge on how to work on your SEO, create content and build organic following.


3- Forget about getting paid soon

The rush in making your first dollar from blogging may rather retire you quickly. It’s good to put your eyes on the prize but don’t expect to be rewarded immediately.

The desire to get paid immediately makes you skip important things that have to be learnt and implemented. So you always find yourself starting afresh. Some new bloggers were forced to buy new domains almost every week because they were aggressively spamming Facebook groups with the idea of making money quickly. Their domains were getting banned by Facebook and that became a cycle.

Since you may not find all information on the internet, you may want to consult other bloggers on how they go about things like sharing into Facebook groups, running Facebook pages, using Twitter, Instagram, etc.

4- Don’t begin as full-time

There is no guarantee that your blog would be paying you immediately. Most successful blogs started making meaningful income after a year or two. Some took three years to make $5 while others couldn’t make anything in years. So if you are coming as a full-time blogger, how do you survive if your blog doesn’t pay you immediately?

Blogging with ‘hunger’ puts you in a rush and forces you to publish trash that may land you in problems or tarnish the reputation of your blog.

Get yourself a job and do blogging as part-time.

5- Entertainment News Niche is suffering

This is the main motive behind this article. Aaaaba … Entertainment Blogging must be tired and it would have spoken if it was to be a human. Once you hear someone making money through a particular niche doesn’t mean you will also succeed in it. First understand what blogging entails. Blogging isn’t limited to writing on entertainment.

If you are new into blogging or you are now planning to do, don’t join the entertainment niche. Below are the reasons you shouldn’t do entertainment blogging:

a) Struggle for traffic

Know that no one reads same news twice. So if you are not smart enough to take news from other angles, it means you are reporting same news 1000s of other websites are reporting. Who do you expect to read? As a wannabe blogger, your post on a particular news is likely to be the last to be seen by readers. With many websites online, if you are not seen as influential in the entertainment industry, no one would want to read from your blog. You may end the day with less than 5 people visiting your site.

b) Low Cost Per Click (CPC)

Bloggers have complained that advertisers pay low for entertainment sites. This means that you have to receive a lot of traffic to make something meaningful. Though CPC could be same with other niches, publishing news is always limited to Ghanaian readers, especially as a new blogger who doesn’t know how to reach Ghanaians in the diaspora. Readers from Ghana attract very low CPCs.

c) Online 24/7

Reporting news means you have to be online at all times. It’s really difficult for one person to run such site. What happens when there’s a breaking news while taking your lunch? While receiving a massage? While taking a shower? Or chilling with friends?

d? Too much insults

It’s not really your fault to be insulted, it’s the mad rush for traffic. You are forced to write or report anything that your conscience clearly tells you that it’s waste since you can’t imagine seeing the day go by without making a coin. “Hungry blogger”, everyone calls you.

What’s the best way to go?

Be creative and come up with something unique, preferably in your field of interest, work or study. If you start a niche that’s new or add a twist to an an existing niche, you are assured of noncompetitive traffic to your site. Go for niches that don’t require frequent updates since you are to start as a part-time blogger.

Above all, acquire more knowledge; understand the whole concept of blogging, traffic and monetisation.


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