Voter Region or Volta Region? What on earth is going on?

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Is it only me that always confuse ‘Volta Region’ for Voter Region’? Is it not also strange that any time Volta Region would be in the news it is about elections and votes? I only hope that except elections all is well there. I hope they have all their roads worked on, all villages are connected to the national grid, no school is under a tree, the poverty rate is reduced to the barest minimum, the cost of living is fairly low – since these are the fruits of being ardent voters.

Voting pattern of Volta Region

Volta Region has been one of the most consistent regions under the fourth republic. The founders of the two leading political parties influence which of the parties they vote for. The NPP got their tradition from three men (Danquah – Dombo – Busia Tradition) which none of them traces their roots to the Volta Region. Dr. JB Danquah hail from the Eastern Region, Chief SD Dombo from the Northern part and Professor Kofi Abrefa Busia from Wenchi in the Bono Region. So since the founder of the NDC came from there, they had no hesitations for supporting the NDC. And they have done so generously.

The greatest legacy the charismatic Jerry John Rawlings left for the NDC is undoubtedly the support of his very own Volta Region. As it stands now, all the 18 seats in the Volta were won by the NDC in the 2016 general elections. Making it the only political party that has Members of parliament in all the regions of the country. The Volta Region has supported the NDC wholeheartedly and religiously.

The twist

The twist started when the tenure of JJ Rawlings came to an end. The next crop of leaders that steered the affairs of the Nation Democratic Congress did not have many people of the region in some of the top offices. Arguably, they have most of the finest human resource in the NDC to their credit. After JJ Rawlings, the NDC has produced three presidents and Vice presidents, but unfortunately, none came from there. The situation got worst when the family of JJ Rawlings felt sidelined and the former first lady, the wife of Rawlings formed her party. That got many of the Volta stalwarts of the NDC to start backing out slowly.

2020 Elections

Gabby Asare Otchere – Darko started a feud on social media last month. He questioned why Ketu South was the largest constituency in Ghana. He further asked if it was the case that some Togolese were allowed to sneak in and register. That did not go down well for the NDC because they felt their world bank was under siege. But strange enough most of the voices we heard condemning him were just some NDC members who are not hailing from the Region. A clear signal that the NDC is gradually losing the support of the Ewes. Not even the loudmouthed Member of Parliament for the Ketu South constituency, Hon. Fiifi Fiavi Kwetey uttered a word about what many NDC members describe as an attack on Voltarian.

Security Deployment

Politics is all about strategy; it will not be for anything that the president has not eased the restriction on the closure of our borders. The primary reason would be to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, but we cannot rule outrightly the elections from it. This will help the NPP to execute their long-held belief of Togolese being on the voter’s register. The member of parliament of Adanse Asokwa and a senior member of the NPP, Hon. KT Hamond has revealed that the Ketu South caused their defeat in 2008 so it was just right they prevent people from Togo to come and register.

The National Democratic Congress on the side, trying to renew their marriage vows with the people of the Volta Region are inciting them against the security and the government. They have created the impression that the security men are deployed there to intimidate Ghanaians from registering. They are saying it is attack and evil agenda of the NPP to disenfranchise the people of the Volta Region.

They have called out some prominent citizens of the region to speak out against ‘oppressors rule’. They have called on the citizens to rise up against any tyranny and oppression. The Volta Caucus of parliament say they would be visiting the constituency on Monday to mobilize the people ahead of Tuesday’s registration exercise. They are doing all this to win back the love of the region that has been helping them since 1992. Some citizens of the region have complained about how the NDC has over the years rejected them even though they’ve been voting for them. They say they are the Volta Region and not VOTER REGION.


The borders were closed on the 27th March 2020. This was to stop the spread of the coronavirus since the vertical spread was the highest among the positive cases at the time.

The Security men are deployed to all the borders of the country and not just at Aflao. They are on the Ghana – Burkina Faso border, the Ghana- Togo border and the Ghana- Ivory Coast border as well.

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