VIDEO: “Your mouth like chicken pox, go and put your sperms in roadside girls if…” – Poloo fires alleged Baby Daddy

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Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo has finally reacted to claims by a certain young man who says he’s the baby daddy of her son.

Over the past few weeks, a young man known as Tony Cassano has been blasting Akuapem Poloo for denying him access to his son and just few days ago, he told a blogger about how he impregnated Poloo in an uncompleted building.


Loudmouth Akuapem Poloo who has surprisingly been quiet amidst all these rumors flying around has finally answered the young man and explained that she had been busy on the set of a new movie premiering next week, ‘Away Bus’ which was why she was silent.

In a video she posted on her Instagram page, she said she’s had enough of the guy’s nonsense and advised him to stop demeaning her on Social media before she goes super wild on him.

As expected of Akuapem Poloo, she blasted him and asked him to go pour his sperms in a roadside girl if he wants a child.



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