VIDEO: Wisa Greid’s Wife, Bella Tee, Talks About His Small ‘D’ On Live Radio And We Think He’s Gone For A ‘D’ Enlargement Surgery

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Wisa Greid’s wife of just three weeks, Bella Tee, has talked about his little ‘D’ on live radio—and according to her, she’s okay with it.


Bella Tee in an interview on Okay FM with Abeiku Santana let us all know that what Ghanaians saw hanging in front of Wisa Greid during his stage performance in 2015 is not what she’s seeing now.

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Meaning, she is seeing something different, probably, long and thick than the okro we saw hanging in front of Wisa Greid in 2015. Has this dude gone for ‘D’ enhancement surgery?

Here’s what Bella Tee said;

“I don’t know what Ghanaians saw but what I see in the bedroom is different”.


Watch the short interview below…