Kumawood Actors In Action

The debate about alcohol taking being a sin for people who consider themselves as Christians has sprung up again and this time, it is from the camp of Kumawood actress, Hannah Mingle.

In an exclusive chit-chat with Zionfelix on the ‘Uncut’ show, the ‘Foughts’ actress disclosed that she does not see the taking of alcohol as a sin like many other Christians do. According to her, if you taking an alcoholic drink and you don’t get drunk, then you are in the clear.


Hannah also made some Biblical references to support her stance even though she did not quote the specific scriptures. She stated that there is a portion of the Bible where people were commanded to take alcoholic drinks for their stomach problems.

She also made another reference to the popular Biblical saying that suggests that woe betides any people who drink alcohol and wallows haphazardly as a boozed people.

Asked if she had any stomach problem, as she has that quotation as the grounds for drinking alcohol, the actress questioned if there is any human being who has no stomach problem in a very hilarious manner.


Check out the video of Hannah Mingle making this revelation about drinking alcohol below:


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