Ethiopian Airlines crashed plane which happened on Sunday, March 10, 2019, was the Will of God according to the Head pastor of Alabasta International Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro.

The man of God explained that it was God’s plan for the 151 passengers to depart the world through the plane crash.


Prophet Kofi Oduro said;

“I heard the Pilot was one of the most experienced Pilots in the world but it was bound to happen and nothing could be done about it.

All those passengers in the plane were bound to die, it was their time. God has already passed judgement on their lives.


There is no scary and painful death than that of a plane crash. There is a boundary line as to our life span on earth which we are unaware of”, he stated.

He urged his church members to live a life worthy of emulation because misfortune can befall them too.

Watch the video below.



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