Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran, the founder and leader Cosmos Affran Ministry claims to have vanished from Live TV during an interview with Kofi TV yesterday which was streamed Live on Facebook.

Kofi Adoma Nwanwani hosted the controversial prophet to discuss his allegations that a minister in Nana Addo’s administration and other two top executives contacted him to kill Nana Addo spiritually for them.


According to Cosmos Walker Affran, he was taken to a big hotel in Ghana and paid Dollars to spiritually kill the president of Ghana. He insists the people who took him to the hotel are NPP top executive members.

When he questioned them if they want Nana Addo to lose the 2020 general elections, they said no; they want him dead. As he was on the TV show speaking, Hopeson Adorye, a National Security officer called into the show.

Hopeson Adorye demanded Cosmos Walker Affran mention the names of those men if he claims he is speaking the truth, Cosmos Walker refused and he warned him he will mention their names when ‘they come for him’.


y the time Kofi Adoma was done with Hopeson Adorye, Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran was gone!. He was out of the studio and camera did not capture him leaving either.

A few minutes later, Cosmos Walker posted on Facebook that he didn’t walk out of the studio but rather vanished with the power of God.

Cosmos Walker posted:


“Kofi am in my room now as posting this just to escape for my life. I saw attackers deployed to come to the studio to attack me, I vanish and am in my room. God is the Greatest. Cosmos Walker Affran”

“Is not Juju I used to vanish from Kofi TV, it is the power of God. Cosmos Walker Affran.”

Watch the Video below (He started talking about the spiritual assassination from the 50th minute)


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