Several times Kumawood aggressive actor, Kwaku Manu has voiced how actor Lilwin plotted evil against him forgetting how he (Kwaku Manu) helped him at the early stages of his acting career although most people failed to believe in Kwaku Manu’s assertion thinking it’s the usual Ghanaian pull him down syndrome.

But what Andy of TV3 Mentor 1 fame has said about actor Lilwin goes a long way to prove that there was some truth in the revelation made by Kwaku Manu that Lilwin masterminded his downfall somewhere 2018 in an interview with Zionfelix


In the voice of Kwaku Manu in the said interview, he shockingly revealed that Lilwin was the leader of the group who didn’t want to work with him on set.

Now and like earlier said, Andy of TV3 Mentor 1 fame in an interview with FanteQuoo of Inside Prime Page TV has stated emphatically that Lilwin failed to star in movies involving Kwaku Manu and Agya Koo for obvious reasons. Andy added that, he stopped working with Lilwin when he realized how wicked he was in thinking.

Andy noted that Lilwin is the type of person who doesn’t want to see the progress of his fellow – he wants to eat and be successful alone. He even goes on to reveal how Lilwin has stolen his song and making it his own.


Watch the interview below:


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