Nadia Buari

Popular Ghanaian celebrity and movie star, Nadia Buari, has opened up on some aspects of her life.

The very private Buari was on Yvonne’s Okoro’s ‘Dining with Cooks and Braggarts’ show monitored by on Saturday, February 24, 2019, on TV3.


Nadia appeared as guest together with a brother, Majeed Buari, and they made a dish of coconut cake.

The host, Okoro, engaged her in a long conversation, and one of the questioned she asked Nadia was “Are you rich?”

In response, the beautiful light-skinned actress remained silent for a while and then said: “I am very comfortable.”


According to her, she had a roof over her head, food on her table and what to wear, therefore, she is very comfortable with what she has.

Nadia stressed that she would never say she is rich, but with whatever she had, she was very content with life.

Her answer appeared to have surprised Okoro, who watched her with a grin on her face, obviously expecting the beautiful mother of four to go deep about her riches.


Asked again why she happens to have featured more in Nigerian movies than Ghollywood movies, Nadia disclosed that she gets more contracts from Nigerian than from Ghana.

She explained that it is not by choice that she appears in more Nigerian movies than Ghanaian, but it is because producers there approached her with more scripts.

Nadia further revealed that she loves to play roles that are extremely challenging, and not always to be seen as a lover girl or someone whose heart was broken in a movie.

It is clear that Nadia, who surprised Ghanaians with news about how she gave birth to four children in three years, really loves to live a simple life.

No wonder she is admired by many and counted as one of Ghana’s respected celebrities.

She was in the news recently for entertaining and playing with her fourth daughter in a lovely video.


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