VIDEO: Kumawood Actor Shares Sad Story Of How His Ex-girlfriend Seized His House

You may think he is somebody who does not have any relationship with God because of the role he consistently plays in movies, but in reality, Kumawood actor Collins Oteng, popularly known as Komfuor Coleege, is a man who surely has great relationship and respect for his maker.

According to the actor, if not for the mercies of God on his life, he might have lost his life because the stress and ordeal he had to face at the hands of a young lady he dated before he started his career as a full-time actor were enormous.

Speaking as a guest on the latest episode of the ‘Celebrity Ride with Zionfelix’ show, Coleege disclosed that because this lady did not give him peace of mind in their relationship, he decided to park out of the house he built at the time and gave it out to her without thinking twice about it.

He added that aside the many problems this lady brought to the home he was trying to build, she again on many occasions brought home a lot of financial debts he could not handle and as such, the decision to leave his home.

When asked why he did not probably force the lady out of his home and enjoy his life peacefully, the ‘Lilwin Fisherman’ actor disclosed that there are times the best decision one can take is to be silent and not result to any violent moves.

Watch the video of actor Komfuor Coleege share this sad story on the ‘Celebrity Ride with Zionfelix’ show below: