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VIDEO: Joint 77, Looking Like A Weed Addict On TV, Says Shatta Wale Is A Comedian

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Sacked SM militant, Joint 77, looking like a weed addict and comedian claimed on live television that Shatta Wale is a comedian.


Yes, Shatta Wale is a comedian and all those famewhores and ‘undergrave’ musicians who followed him and ate bread crumbs from his table are all comedians including Joint 77.

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According to Joint 77, the comedy in Shatta Wale’s career is too much and getting out of hand.

Free advice: Joint 77 should desist from smoking weed or whatever drugs he has been taking into his system because I thought I was watching some weed addict speak about Wale at a point in the interview until his name popped up on the screen.

Watch the short interview below…