Ellen White (L) and Emelia Brobbey

Forget about the perceived enmity between them as colleague actresses because one (Ellen) has been tagged as the main cause of the breakup of the marriage of the other, they have never been friends and this is according to the narration of actress Ellen Kyei White in the exclusive chat on Celebrity Ride with Zionfelix show.

Speaking on the ‘Celebrity Ride with Zionfelix ’ show, actress Ellen Kyei White disclosed that she might possibly not sit down with her colleague Emelia Brobbey for chit-chat because they are not friends or ever have been friends even prior to the time she was tagged the husband snatcher.


The mother of one who doubles as a movie producer further stated on the show that the ‘Okukuseku’ TV show host is not the only colleague in the industry she does not have too much of a friendly rapport with because generally she is very reserved and as a result, she has very few friends in her actual life as well.

Asked if she has however had any physical meeting with Emelia Brobbey after the whole controversy with the marriage came up, Ellen White stated that she met her at a function not long ago. When asked again by Zionfelix, host of the program that if she tried to talk to her, the ‘Fault’ movie producer stated that it was impossible because of the distance between them at the time.

Watch the video below:



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