It’s unfortunate Fella couldn’t use her money to stop Samuel DeGraft Johnson’s nonsense as she bragged about when the producer started attacking her personality for messing with him.

The producer who used to be cool with Fella until she called him a fraudster for choosing ‘Kakalika Love’ as the title of a movie Fella was featured in without her consent.


The producer seems hurt by insults Fella hurled at her and has not missed an opportunity for also attack and demean Fella more when he gets the chance.

In a new interview on Adom TV’s ‘Badwan’ show, he’s revealed that Fella Makafui was living with a married man as her sponsor when he first met her some years ago.

DeGraft who has also accused Fella Makafui of robbery, also alleged that the girlfriend of Medikal has been relying on men to survive forever.


Speaking with Sister Sandy on Adom TV, Degraft revealed Fella Makafui has grown worse of late but it does not really surprise him because, at a tender age, she was sleeping with married men.

When Sandra asked Samuel Degraft Johnson if Fella Makafui had the huge plantation at her backside when they met, the movie said it was even bigger but has now reduced because of her “foolish lifestyle”

Watch the video below:



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