VIDEO: Actor Don Little’s greatest achievement in life will shock you

Actor Stephen Atanga, popularly known as Don Little has revealed that even though he has been acting and engaging in a lot of other on-screen jobs which bring in some money, the only thing he can boldly say he has done with all the money will be renting the place he currently stays.

The diminutive actor made this shocking revelation on Accra FM during an interview with Nana Romeo in a video available to Even though the host of the mid-morning show was quite dumbfounded after the revelation by the actor, Don Little insisted that what he has achieved is way greater than what others in the industry have done.

The ‘I Love My Wives’ actor also told Nana Romeo that many of his colleagues have nothing just like him but because they like to show off, people usually think that they have a lot of properties. He added that many of his colleagues have been renting cars all in the bid of showing off.

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