Who invented Veronica Bucket?


What’s all this fuss about a bucket? At least, if there’s anything so uncommon in a Ghanaian home to the extent that it is somewhat disregarded, then it’s definitely a bucket. But wait! Add “VERONICA” to the ‘disregarded’ bucket and then, there’s a new product with a much more important use.

Evidently, the idea of creating a portable bucket stocked with a tap has become a life safer and though it took a lot of years (in fact, over thirty years) for such an invention to be recognized, it has been worth the wait. Anytime you hear of a ‘VERONICA BUCKET’, the name VERONICA BEKOE has to resonate with it because she’s the inventor and yes, she’s a GHANAIAN. How was this idea of creating a portable container with a tap birthed?


During an interview on Ghanaweb’s People and Places program, Mrs Veronica Bekoe explained how she came up with the bucket which is now known as a life saver, especially owing to the outbreak of the corona virus. According to her, she noticed a handwashing problem at the Public Health and Reference Laboratory of the Ghana Health Service during her tenure there in the 1970’s.

She recalled that at the time, bowls of water were stationed in the laboratory and a lot of people had to use the same water for handwashing and rinsing till it was changed. She realized that it had a lot of negative consequences and thought of a better way of getting running water for the laboratory scientists to primarily prevent the spread of infections. She run the idea by her supervisor who bought into it and gave her the needed support for her to come up with the first prototype which was developed from aluminium sheets and a spigot. In the 1990’s the invention finally found the light of day.

Mrs. Veronica reckoned that even if such containers with taps existed, then it was not the portable types she sought to produce as the ones on display during the 1970’s were the bigger containers which were used to store water in households or institutions.


According to her, in 1992/93, the Veronica Buckets were finally introduced in the laboratories. However, clinics and hospitals took notice of the relevance of her creation and began introducing it to parts of their facility where there was the need for running water….and the rest is history.

The Veronica Bucket has become a primary ammunition being deployed to help combat the spread of the corona virus which begs the question; how successful will the fight against corona virus be if these buckets weren’t invented?

Let’s not forget that the VERONICA BUCKETS have also played a significant role in helping to reduce the number of diarrhea cases in Ghana and other African countries.