#TrendingGH: Donate all your properties to charity if you have indeed changed – Ghanaians to Agradaa

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Some Ghanaians are asking Nana Agradaa to get rid of her ill-gotten wealth to prove her repentance.

According to them, she should distribute all her monies to either charity or victims she defrauded and begin on a fresh note.


It is an unhidden fact that after Nana Agradaa, who now claims she is “Vangelist” (Evangelist) Patricia Oduro Koranteng is putting in so much effort to prove that she has indeed turned over a new leaf.

She has gotten rid of some of her deities, gone through baptism, and has started visiting the church to prove her new status.

But reacting to her change, some Ghanaians believe that all of such efforts will be void if she still holds on to monies she acquired through sorcery and dubious means.


Speaking to GhanaWeb in Accra, these people believe that it is unfair for Agradaa to seek reconciliation from the same people she stole from.

“We live in a country where citizens are gullible to fraud. Agradaa should give out all she took from people if indeed she has repented,” a respondent said.

Watch the video below: