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Travel Blogger begs Government to ‘Free Sakawa Boys’

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Ghanaian Travel Blogger cum Evangelist, Akesse Sanza has added his voice to the ongoing measures by government to curb cyber crime, popularly known as ‘Sakawa’, in the country.

In a Facebook post, Akesse Sanza said most of the fraudsters have great potentials that could benefit the country if the needed training is provided. He added that, despite the knowledge and skills possessed by the ‘criminals’, they are unemployed because society employs certificates instead of skills.


Read his full post below:

Very controversial topic, right? Well, it’s not that I’m starting a campaign for support for these guys nor their operations. No, I’m not! It’s only a strategy to get you reading this. I am glad you are. I appreciate it. I am aware I will be maligned by quite a number of people too just with this heading alone. If you doubt, check the comment box after reading this….

I stayed at Alajo for some years and also spent some months at Lapaz and Alhaji. These are all suburbs of Accra. I have friends at New Town as well. My job requires that I stay online most times and so I used the internet cafes in these localities most often till recently that home internet became quite cheaper here in Ghana.


Most ‘sakawa’ boys have great potentials that they themselves don’t know they possess. They have exceptional IT skills that could fetch them money legitimately but they don’t know, and the saddest part also is that the government is not interested in unearthing their skills. I guess we wouldn’t have wasted $72M on a software with serious bugs if we had these guys well trained and placed in various public departments.

These guys are able to hack email and social media accounts, hack accounts of members on dating sites, enter people’s bank accounts, fake IPs, phone calls and many more. Though these are criminal acts, with better training, they could be turned into something good for the society.

When was the last time an arrest was made as result of the works of IT specialists with the Ghana Police CID division? Investigations into internet related crimes by the Police Service aren’t always the best. I have always doubted most of their findings as these personnel ‘might not even have email addresses’, how much more investigate such crimes? Some of these ‘Sakawa’ boys have the skills and all needed knowledge to conduct investigation into online related crimes.


These guys would never be employed because the society today employs certificates, not knowledge and skills. Not long ago, the head of the IT department at SSNIT was sacked for using fake certificates. He could be an expert in the field but one cannot hold such position without the certificates.

One day, the society would realize that, most certificate holders are people who have studied to pass examination and have nothing to offer apart from their certificates.

Where am I driving at? The youth need training in IT as it controls everything in today’s world. The ‘sakawa’ boys need training to groom them for various roles in IT depending on the kind of skills they have. We would be shocked to know that some of these guys can turn out to be lecturers in our tertiary institutions.

Others who do not have any special skills could still be trained to use the internet profitably. Blogging is one of the many ways one could make money legitimately online. Bloggers in Ghana are really making it big as screenshots have shown bloggers earning between $300 and $60,000 monthly. Yes, monthly! Our graduates at the banks are so brainwashed such that they regard any online earnings as fraud. Many bloggers have had to explain themselves several times that monies sent them by Google and other advertising companies are income generated legitimately online. Even upon the many explanations, a section still doubts.

One would ask, “How do I blog when I cannot write good English or not good at writing?” I have always said that it’s not about the good grammar. Forget about the teases on social media. What matters most is that you get paid at the end of the month for having attractive content for readers. Readers only have to understand what they read, no matter which language is used. Even the BBC has introduced news in Pidgin. They are just playing smart and taking advantage of the Nigerian populace who cannot read. At the end of the day, BBC would be reaping lot of cash from pidgin readers.

I’m a Travel Blogger and I make decent money through blogging.