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Top 10 Entertainment News Websites in Ghana

Blogging has become one of the sources of employment for the Ghanaian youth as no formal education or license is required. The high rate of graduate unemployment forces people to opt for means to generate monies online and the first that comes to mind is Blogging.

Almost 100% of new blogs coming up target the entertainment industry. In the past, there were artistes-targeted blogs for Shatta Wale and Sarkodie. Several celebrities are coming up with their own blogs as means of generating income.

In Ghana, blogs have moved from sharing opinionated pieces to reporting news. In other words, blogs have become news websites. Most ‘blogs’ do not have single blog posts.

Asembi.com has put together the Top 10 Entertainment News websites/Blogs in Ghana.

How did we get here?
In coming up with the Top 10 websites, a survey was conducted. Participants of the survey were: 30 Volunteers from Asembi.com, 10 Bloggers and 20 Showbiz employees. Aside the response from the survey, other factors that were considered are User-experience, User-Interface, Mobile-friendly, Originality of Content, Public Acceptance (traffic), Appropriate Crediting and SEO-friendly.

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Top 10 Entertainment News Websites/Blogs in Ghana

  1. Ghpage.com

    With dedicated writers, Ghpage.com has grown rapidly in the past few months to become a major source of entertainment news in Ghana. With 100% original articles, the website provides a wider and realtime coverage of the entertainment industry. It has become the home of readers who want to stay updated with every move of their celebrities. For example, fans of Bishop Daniel Obinim, Fella Makafui, Rosemond Brown and others receive timely updates. 85% of selected entertainment lovers and bloggers mentioned Ghpage.com as their major source of entertainment news.

  2. Ghbase.com

    Ghbase.com boosts of some of the top writers in the entertainment industry. Its website has a good user-experience, mobile-friendly and just as Ghpage, it has a wider coverage of the entertainment industry. Most of its news are copied by giant news websites like Ghanaweb.com.

  3. Ghanacelebrities.com

    Despite having too many ads, Ghanacelebrities.com remains one of Ghana’s favourite entertainment websites. Owned by controversial writer Chris-Vincent, the website was one of the first, if not the first, entertainment websites in Ghana. Ghanacelebrities.com also produces original content.

  4. Ghgossip.com

    Websites names starting with GH seem to be doing magic in the entertainment industry in Ghana. From GHpage, GHbase and now GHgossip. As one of the newcomers in the blogosphere, Ghgossip.com has grown rapidly to become one of the best entertainment websites in Ghana. With its SEO-friendly website coupled with timely updates, the website receives good amount of visitors daily.

  5. Mynewsgh.com

    When it comes to speed, mynewsgh.com is number one. Though its desire to be the first to publish news has landed it in publishing one or two fake stories, mynewsgh.com remains a major source of breaking entertainment news in Ghana. Its good user-experience, SEO and Mobile-friendly website are responsible for its success.

  6. Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

    Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh is one of the most visited entertainment websites in Ghana. Just as Ghpage.com and Ghbase.com, Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh has a wider coverage on the subject of entertainment in Ghana. It gives celebrity updates and announces every single move by them. Several popup ads that interrupt visitors is the only setback of the website.

  7. Ameyawdebrah.com

    Ameyawdebrah.com has won almost all blogging-related awards since its establishment. The website has a good user-experience with few ads on its sidebar. Ameyawdebrah.com was the first website that comes to mind as far as entertainment is concern until recently that it dropped in various rankings. His new role as a father, the many travels and recently established Ameyaw TV might have taken his attention.

  8. ZionFelix.net

    Through Celebrity Ride With ZionFelix, ZionFelix.net creates most of the entertainment news in the industry. Radio entertainment shows usually rely on his website for news. Giant media houses such as GhanaWeb publish articles from ZionFelix.net on daily basis.

  9. Pulse.com.gh

    With Entertainment Editor David Mawuli on board, Pulse.com.gh provides entertainment lovers with timely entertainment updates. With its short videos always in circulation on social media, the website is known for its love for the entertainment industry despite its coverage of politics, sports and general news.

  10. Yen.com.gh

    Yen.com.gh is known for its speed, SEO and Mobile-friendly website. Though it has been accused for re-writing stories from other websites without appropriate crediting, it remains one of the top sources for entertainment news in Ghana.

Many other websites are equally doing good but missed the list because of one or several reasons. Poor user experience such as ads interruptions, others were also taken out due to lack of original contents and limited coverage. Websites with limited coverage publish only few selected articles or promotional content only. Others also are not updated frequently and therefore miss out on several news.

Most of the known websites missed out because they rely solely on the above-mentioned websites for entertainment news.