Tips on keeping a distance relationship

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Maintaining distance relationships have been difficult for partners who find themselves in such situations, and a greater percentage of these relationships end nowhere due to the fact that one or both partners have the mindset that distance relationship may not work.

Contrary to some perceptions, distance relationships, even long-distance ones, could work if both partners make up their minds to keep the relationship and work towards its success.

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These are some of the measures that can help save a distance relationship:


Just like any other relationship, trusting each other is very essential in ensuring its success. Couples in distance relationships usually have trust issues as each party is left in suspense what the other is up to. Jealous partners always have trust issues. Do not doubt your partner unless he or she has proven to be untrustworthy.

The moment you begin to have doubts, you call the relationship off in your mind and there would be no effort from you to make it work. So trust your partner until he/she gives you enough reasons not to trust him/her.

Don’t give room for others to speak to you evil about your partner.


Several people in distance relationships who were engaged by myself and the team said that effective communication works for them. Aside from phone calls, video calls also get you much closer and you could feel the presence of each other.

Be careful with Phone sex unless your partner has assured you that he/she can be faithful to you until your next meeting. Not everyone would like to masturbate through phone sex and become okay, some would still want to have sex immediately. Before you engage in exchanging nudes or phone sex, first find out the opinion of your partner.

Schedule Visits

Distance relationship can’t be distance forever. No one would like to be in such a relationship knowing very well that there’s no chance of meeting each other. As you keep in touch, both partners should be aware when the next meeting would be. When a partner has the idea that there’s no chance of the two meeting, the relationship would definitely be called off. A typical example is dating an illegal immigrant who has no plans of returning to his/her home country. If the other party is waiting in the home country, it means the relationship cannot work.

Make each other aware of your next meeting and if there happens to be any procrastination, reasons must be convincing enough so that the other partner doesn’t feel that time is being wasted in waiting for someone he/she may never meet.

Do activities together

Though you may be far apart, there are several activities you could do together to make the relationship stronger. These make you feel the presence of each other and take away most of the worries associated with distance relationship.

If you are religious couple, you can pray together or task yourselves to discuss verses or chapters in your religious publications. There are also several online games that the two can play together. Facebook has lot of games including Diamond Dash that two or more people can compete despite not living in same country.

Recommend books and movies, preferably Series to each other and discuss them. The eagerness to hear each others comment on a book read or a movie watched strengthens the bond between the two and gives more to discuss on phone or video call.

If the relationship involves a student, the other partner could be involved in the school assignments if he/she is capable of providing assistance.

Use the postal service or courier

Sending something by post or courier spices up the relationship. This is very important if it’s likely to take so much time before seeing each other again. It’s more joy to receive a letter by post from someone you love than even talking to them for hours. This is not something that happens these days so when it happens, it brings so much joy.

Send a gift, postcard or something the other party has requested for.

Exchange of gifts should not be a gender affair where only one party sends gifts to the other. Let the other partner feel loved too by reciprocating the gesture of exchanging gifts.