This is the easiest way to take her phone number

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Taking a lady’s number is the first step in building friendship as the number would ensure communication between the two which is very essential in getting to know someone.

When you meet someone you seem attracted to and refuse to take her number, it means there’s no way the two could keep in touch or hear from each other again. That probably would be the end of any possible relationship that could have been birthed by contacting each other.

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While others have mastered the act of approaching ladies to take their contacts and build friendships, others still struggle and as such do not have female friends, not to talk of a girlfriend.

The rest of the article would serve as a guide and not to recite since the circumstances would determine what to say.

Appearance matters a lot when meeting someone for the first time. Remember that first impressions sticks forever so how you appear to a lady for the first time creates a picture of who she’s about to become a friend with. Let your physical appearance do lot of the talking for you. However, some ladies may not feel comfortable in the company of a man who has dressed too good like walking the runway or walking on the red carpet. Such appearances would attract all eyes to you and the lady is likely to ignore you.

Once you are able to initiate a chat, note that conversations are boring if a party isn’t interested in the subject. If you already know the lady in question, you probably know her interests or what she’s likely going to show interest in. Sometimes you can just jump into an ongoing conversation with an interesting contribution. You can ask her something from a phone call she answered.

“I heard you mention blogging on the phone. I’m also a blogger. I write on sex and relationship. What about you?”

“You mentioned stomachache on phone. I’m a Doctor. How severe is the pain?”

“Don’t worry i will show you when we get to that bus stop. I’m also alighting around that area.”

If you meet a lady who seems confused, worried or lost, approach her and try to provide assistance.

Today, most of the conversations begin on social media and as such it’s easy to make friends with everyone as their timelines clearly show their interests. Engage them in conversations based on their interests and they won’t resist becoming friends.

“I love your passion for nursing. I really want to be a nurse.”

“I saw you advertising a business, is it what you do?”

“I saw your comment on the ongoing Bullet-Starboy war. Don’t you think it’s best if they allow the dead to rest?”

“I love your makeups. Who did it? I’ll need her for my wedding someday.”

People are just tired of keeping mere friends who don’t add any value to their lives. Ladies usually have lot of men trying to be their friends with the hope of extending to a relationship in future. When most of these men later prove to be men of no value, the ladies become reluctant in admitting more friends.

The way you talk and the kind of subject you bring it up for discussion tells clearly than you are a man of value. Try not to lie as it may become a problem for you in future.

Don’t be too serious. It’s very important that you put smiles on her face the first time you approach her. The first words that come from your mouth should be enough to see her smile.

Yaw Benson told me that he always tries to be funny at that moment.

The circumstance would determine what to say or do to put smiles on her face. It’s easy to start a conversation after you make her smile.

“Why are you so beautiful like that? You’ve cheated other ladies.”

“I read you are into hairdressing, when should I come and do my hair?”

“Wow who did your hair? I wish there’s a male version of this hairstyle.”

“You look good in your uniform, it makes me feel like becoming a teacher too”

“Are you the lady Samini described in his song MY OWN?”

“Maame Nurse, when should I come for an injection?”

If you are man of few words, pretend to be busy and yet have something important to discuss with her. If she rather looks busy, use that as an excuse that you really wanted to talk to her but she’s busy. Then take her contact to talk to her later.

“I really want to talk to you but I could see you are busy and don’t want to take much of your time. Can I have your contact and call you later?”

If you are the type that call ladies like taxis, quit! That attempt spoils everything and only attracts insults. It’s better to give her a hot chase than to be calling her like a taxi.

Avoid calling people by touching them. It puts people off.

Ladies also don’t want to be approached at certain places. No matter who you are, they are likely to ignore you. If the situation would invite the attention of others, don’t make the attempt.

Ladies don’t cooperate when they are with friends or relatives. If you are approaching someone in the midst of her friends or relatives, engage the whole group in a conversation before you single her out later in the cause of the chat. Everything that comes from your mouth should either be a question or end with a question. In that way, they won’t be silent.

“Are you sisters or friends?”

“Is your beauty from your mum or dad?”

“You’ve been here for long. Are you waiting for someone or is there a way I could be of help?”

Here, let them know you want them as friends but when it reaches the point of taking a number, ask from the one who attracted you to them.

A perfect way to ask for phone number after a successful chat is to throw to the lady how you guys would meet again. Let her know you enjoyed her company or you really want to meet her again. Ask her: how do we meet again? She will definitely know that you have to exchange contacts.

In some situations, ladies won’t give you their numbers because they hate when people around see you entering them on your phone. Everyone looking on getting to know that she’s giving you the number will put her off.

In such situation, she won’t tell you but will just decline your request. So you should be smart enough to know that it’s not so cool to remove your phone to key in her numbers.

Say this: I really want to take your number but looks like so many people are looking on. So I’ll memorise.

Shadrack Annor told me that no lady resisted giving out the numbers when he assured them of memorising. “They laugh and ask you, are you sure you can memorise? “ Shadrack said.

How do you do in Trotro (public transport)? With that, you must be in close proximity. You must start the conversation early. Try not to let her know you’re interested in anything amorous. Just plainly talk to her like you would with your friend. If she laughs along the line of your talks, you’ve passed.

Pause your talks for a moment, pull out your phone and bring on screen your keypad. Gently hand it to her without saying a word, if she tries to act up, quickly look into her eyes and say softly, “humbly give me your line, might want to check on you”.

We wish you all the best!