Beefs, beefs, beefs! Ghana’s entertainment industry seems to enjoy roller coaster rides. Fans of the various artistes appear to be more energized whenever their preferred artistes have ‘beefs’ with other artistes. And it has become an ideology that a lot of artistes are tapping into.

Recent interviews with some of these beef indulging artistes have revealed that some of these beefs are planned to get attention. But the die-hard fans are the problem. Let’s make some reference to politics in Ghana. The top politicians of the two largest parties in Ghana, NPP and NDC are friends. However, when they make appearances in the media, they behave as though they are enemies.

Cues can be taken from the admission of the general secretary of the NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah who announced that the family of the late Sir John can call on him for any form of support and that he (Nketiah) wouldn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand. Johnson Asiedu’s admission shocked some people to the core because they had held the belief that these top-notch politicians were enemies.

In the case where the musical beefs are planned, it is the fans who tend to suffer the most. These fans become the centre of needless hatred and jealousy even when it is evident that the best option would have been to appreciate the differences in their preferred artistes as well as celebrating achievements.

However, it is believed that with the recent admission of some artistes that these beefs are planned, it is expected that the various fan bases of celebrities tone down in their attacks on each other, at least, the rivalry between Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale has died down ever since the two dancehall kingpins patched things up.

SM Movement fans and BHIM Nation fans have become friendly towards one another. Of course, there are occasional banters but it cannot be compared to that which existed some four years ago.

Whiles some celebrities are making things right between themselves, others are adamant. It is unclear whether the adamancies are because the artistes feel that they haven’t fully benefitted from the beefs or because these artistes are simply at loggerheads. One can rightly assume that there are some celebrities who are genuinely not in good terms and this has got nothing to do with gaining clout. Some of them are enlisted below:

Pope Skinny and Shatta Wale

Despite revealing during United Showbiz that Pope Skinny hasn’t offended him, the bad blood between Shatta Wale and his former friend, Pope Skinny continues to exist.

Obour and Criss Waddle

Obour’s tenure as the President of MUSIGA didn’t really do him much good as he was accused by several musicians of corruption. As a result, when he revealed that he would be contesting during the primaries for the  Asante Akyem South constituency, Criss Waddle, via tweeter urged all voters to refrain from voting for Obour.

In the tweet, Criss Waddle revealed that Obour is selfish, greedy and is a stomach politician.

Asem and Sarkodie

Many people consider Asem’s recent attacks on Sarkodie as a ploy to make the former relevant again since his name has faded into obscurity.

Shatta Wale and Sarkodie

According to Shatta Wale, Sarkodie is a poor musician who lives a fake life. Shatta Wale also claims that Sarkodie broke an agreement they had when he snitched to take a lesser amount of money for an event which was held by Globacom Telecommunications.

Despite wishing Sarkodie a happy birthday on air, it is assumed that that act didn’t patch up the strained relationship between Sarkodie and Shatta Wale.

A-Plus and Rex Omar

This began when Rex Omar started a campaign to ensure that the NPP is ousted from power. A-Plus fired back, citing that Rex Omar has no moral grounds to speak about corruption because he’s a corrupt man and that the state of Ghana Music Rights Association (GHAMRO) is worse than NPP.

Rex Omar is the chairman of GHAMRO.  A-Plus was of the view that Rex Omar should rather be focused on using his position as the chairman of GHAMRO to fight for the rights of musicians and not use it to enrich himself like he’s doing.  However, Rex Omar would have none of that as he wrote back to A-Plus, citing that his “ADVICE” has been thrown into the dustbin.


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