The coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill. However, the lessons it has taught has ensured that even long after it is gone, the world will never be the same. A lot of Ghanaians have lambasted churches for failing to provide the necessary assistance to their vulnerable members after the virus set its foot in Ghana.

However, celebrities who are often referred to as “worldly” or “godless” people are the ones who were touched and took drastic steps to assist the vulnerable and needy. Though these donations were not in millions of dollars, the celebrities proved that if everyone is to help in a small way, it would help COVID-19 relief efforts in big ways.

Let us take a look at some of the celebrities who set the examples.

Criss Waddle

The Arab Money Gang (AMG) Music boss has been immense during this COVID-19 fight. He donated items such as food and hand sanitizers on different occasions. During Ghana’s lockdown, he was one of the first people to assist the needy and vulnerable. When the prices of hand sanitizers escalated, via Twitter, he asked his fans to drop the address to their homes, and he redeemed his promise of visiting them to provide them with hand sanitizers.

In another act of kindness, Criss Waddle also donated gallons of hand sanitizers to three hospitals which include; Tema General Hospital, Konongo Odumasi Government Hospital and the Tema Healthwise Medical Center.


Hammer selling Bread
Hammer selling Bread

The legendary music producer also made his bid to support the needy. Together with Criss Waddle, they teamed up to feed 500 underprivileged people. Hammer works with A1 Bread and supplied many loaves.


Aside from donation, Edem also harnessed his celebrity power to provide education on the coronavirus. He advocated for the inclusion of local languages to help educate the public on the virus. He put his words into action by dropping a music video which touched on the coronavirus in Ewe, Ayigbe Edem!

He was also the first to hold an anti-corona concert to entertain fans during the lockdown period. With assistance from FoodTech Ltd, he also donated items to the Lekma Hospital.

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale was also enormous. His ‘Faith Concert’ which was the second online concert to be staged in the country, gave fans a lot of entertainment during the lockdown period.

He also donated relief items such as bags of rice, soft drinks, boxes of frozen chicken wings, laundry and bathing soaps, boxes of toilet tissue, dental care kits, gallons of cooking oil, canned tomatoes, boxes of spaghetti and bottles of water to inmates of the James Town Prison.

He also gave out such relief items to the vulnerable.


Samini, formerly known as Batman, did ‘fly to the rescue’. Though he wasn’t present, fans of the High Grade Family donated to the Wa Government Hospital on his behalf. In 2018, Samini was made a Youth Chief (Pebilii Naa) in Wa. The items donated included; 21 boxes of hand sanitizers, 3 boxes of hand gloves, 20 packs of face masks and others.

John Dumelo

He was probably the most consistent donor. He gave so much so that at some point, fans got ‘tired’ of his kindness. He donated items on several occasions. He began his donations before the lockdown was instituted. He visited the University of Ghana and GIMPA campuses to donate hand sanitizers to students.

In the same vein, he also donated veronica buckets, hand sanitizers, detergents and hand gloves to all the five police stations within the Ayawaso West Wuogon (AWW).  Again, he donated similar items to the James Camp Prison. After the lockdown was imposed, he intensified his donations. He distributed over 2,400 loaves of bread, 1,100 bags of rice, bags of water, cooking oil and gari to the less privileged in his constituency.

He also constructed water access points for the less privileged after Pres. Nana Addo announced that there was going to be a free supply of water for 3 months.  After the lockdown was lifted, he also announced that he’ll be giving interest-free loans to small scale business in his constituency.

He donated to all the mosques in the AWW. The items he donated included; bags of sugar, rice, gallons of oil, tins of milk and boxes of tea. He also donated 100 cartons of water to frontline workers at the University of Ghana Medical School Hospital, UGMC. This donation was after a passionate appeal by Gar Al-Smith.

Other celebrities who have donated items or supported in other ways include; Sarkodie, Medikal and Fella Makafui, Joselyn Dumas, Tic, Philipa Baafi, Lil Win and KiDi.

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