These celebrities championing #FixYourself agenda believe Ghanaians, not government, need fixing

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The argument involving whether it is Ghana or the attitude of its citizens that needs to be fixed has been trending on social media for three consecutive days now.

Two popular hashtags “FixYourself” and “Country”, have interchangeably been topping Twitter trends since its emergence.


Although it appears majority of Ghanaians are yearning for an infrastructural and economic improvement, others believe it is the mediocre attitude of Ghanaians that has plunged the country into the ‘mess’ it currently finds itself in.

From their perspective, the likes of Jocelyn Dumas, D-cryme, Prince David Osei, Afia Schwarzenegger among others think it is unfair for Ghanaians to blame the government for the country’s hardships.

These celebrities have cited factors such as ‘laziness, bribery, greed, selfishness, non-compliance to tax payment directives and many others as the driving force behind the country’s retrogression.


Read their tweets below