Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams says the spirit that rules over Ghana has, over the years, prevented substantive presidents from fulfilling their campaign promises until they are done with their terms in office.

Speaking on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana, the Founder and Leader of Action Chapel International Church revealed that there is a spirit that rules over every nation and a spiritual dimension to governance that influences the natural leaders of a nation.


He says for this reason, there is the need to intercede for leaders so they don’t fall victims to these spiritual rulers’ influences.

“There’s a spiritual dimension when it comes to governance and if we’re not aware of them we’ll become victims… that unseen ruler manifests his thought – what he thinks, what he wants done and everything – through the natural ruler and it’s one of the reasons we have to pray for kings and for those in authority because our prayers will shield them from demonic influences and from powers that will compel them to take decisions and do things that will not profit the nation and profit the people.”

He noted that the spirit that rules each country influences the culture of the people and the spirit in Ghana and Africa as a whole makes citizens destroy each other.


He said, “we have to uncover it, we need to expose it, we need to confront it because it won’t allow us to accomplish anything as a people if we are not aware of it and we don’t educate our people and make our children aware of it”.

Archbishop Duncan Williams further stated that the influence of these spiritual rulers extends to people in government because they are also part of the country.

He said this spirit tends to frustrate every good plan that leaders have in mind before coming into power.


“I have spoken to presidents who have been in office and they left office and most times you realise that there were so many things that they could have done but for whatever reasons, frustrations, the tradition, our culture did not allow them to accomplish it until they came out of office.

He added that the spirit leaves you once you leave office and move on to the next person in power.

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