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Both leading political parties are tightly lacing the boots for election 2020. Unusual of election years, campaigns are going on underground and we are not yet experiencing big political rallies and outdoor political programs due to the deadly coronavirus that is hanging on our necks.

The leader of the largest opposition political party, National Democratic Congress (NDC), H.E. John Dramani Mahama has been having more online interactions with his supporters. He is seen engaging in Facebook Live Rallies with his party fan base and sometimes one-on-one zoom chat with some Ghanaians. This is a continuation of the Speakout tour he embarked on before the outbreak of coronavirus in Ghana, and the subsequent ban on social gathering and other forms of political rallies by the president, H.E. Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo.


The Communications department of the party led by the Communications Officer, Sammy Gyamfi, has been from time to time engaging the media. These engagements are to expose the government of promises they’ve broken and some corruptions going on under the watch of the president.

They have also outlined some manifesto policies they intend to execute when given the nod come December 7th. Some of which are even contradicting their stands in 2016 prior to the general elections. John Dramani Mahama has shockingly changed his position on the payment of Nurses training allowance and free senior High School. He is this time promising to maintain the allowance he cancelled when he had the chance of ruling this country.

All these things are geared towards winning the 2020 general elections. But should Ghanaians vote for them in 2020, are they going to be better off? Looking it from the point that the NDC today are complaining of hardships under Nana Akufo Ado. Some of these facts are why Ghanaians would deeply regret if they make the National Democratic Congress and John Dramani Mahama their flagbearer the best alternative.


Free Senior High School implementation has been the most significant social intervention program in some decades of Ghana’s history. The president today, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo, has never reneged on his promise of allowing all Ghanaian children regardless of their background to have access to Senior High School without financial hindrance. We all know the NDC’s position on this policy since 2008. Some bigwigs within the NDC have publicly expressed their dissatisfaction with the very system that is saving Ghanaian parents of some financial burden and allowing children from deprived background have access to education.

But for political expediency, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress has promised not to discontinue the program but rather review it. As to how they are going to review it, we are yet to know. On other platforms too, he has publicly lamented the enormous sums of capital investments the president is making in the Free SHS, saying it is putting pressure on the budget and the economy at large. This is an apparent exposure of their subtle motive to cancel it when they get the mandate of the people. This would be one thing Ghanaians would live to regret.

In 2016, after some students in the training colleges of Ghana petitioned the president to restore the allowance he had cancelled, John Dramani Mahama said “For purposes of partisan politics, you have your political opponent come and say when we come back, we will restore trainee allowances to colleges of education. For me, it is better to lose the election on principle than to win it on falsehood.” This obviously means that he has no goodwill to pay allowance because he does not believe the nurses and teacher trainees deserve such payments.


So apparently all students in the training colleges and any Ghanaian who benefits in the allowance would deeply regret when they vote out the president of the day and bring back John Dramani Mahama.

Job creation and unemployment have been significant determinants of the standard of living in the country. One main problem that characterized the John Mahama administration was unemployment rate increment. Employment was frozen, and some people who got employed had their salaries frozen. Nana Addo’s government has implemented NABCO which has employed about 10,000 young Ghanaians who would have otherwise been unemployed now. The National Democratic Congress has hinted they would review the NABCO program should Ghanaians vote them.

These would be the regret of Ghanaians when they vote for the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

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