Stop hating me – Actor Mmebusem tells Cindy Thompson

Ghanaian actor Mmebusem, has declined to take Cindy Thompson’s advice.

Following his viral video, veteran Ghanaian gospel musician Cindy Thompson advised the actor to stop using Jesus’ name in vain but Mmebusem seems not to be happy about her pronouncement and what other critics are saying.

Writing on his Instagram page which was sighted by, the actor chastised Ghanaians and Africans who believe Robert Powell is the real Jesus after watching his ‘Jesus film’ but are quick to judge him for doing same in a local TV series.

An angry Mmebusem said posterity will judge all his critics.

He also questioned whether these critics have ever set their eyes on Jesus before.

“I wonder why and how some Africans hate their own. Robert Powell is a British actor who played the role of Jesus in a movie, I am imitating this British actor in a local tv series and some Christian are saying I’m mocking Jesus. Well my question to these people are; 1. Have you seen Jesus before? 2. Who took a picture of him when he was on earth?

“Robert Powell is not Jesus Christ please…Love for others and we hate our own. Posterity will judge us all,” Mmebusem wrote.

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