Stop considering sex as a favour to men – Sex coach to women

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Sex coach, Dzifa Sweetness, has advised women to stop considering sexual intercourse as a favour that they are doing to or for men.

Interviewed on eTV Ghana’s ‘In Bed with Adwen’ for a discussion on whether or not squirting is for every woman, she observed that a lot of women can squirt however, most of them do not squirt because they have not psyched their minds to.


Per her analysis, most women feel like they are only having sex to help the man release sperms, hence it is for his pleasure only and a favour to them. Dzifa rubbished this notion, advising that women should make their pleasure a priority too because sex is not just a favour to men but an activity meant to please both parties.

“A lot of Ghanaians or if I should say, African women, think that sex is a favour they are doing for men so they do not psych their minds that as they are about to have sex, they need to reach orgasm too. You must be mad if you think you’re doing men a favour by having sex.

You must tell yourself that as you’re about to have sex, you must benefit from it too and that benefit is to reach your squirting orgasm. Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. Don’t go to your man thinking about cloth you want to buy or how to get your transport fare from him. If transport fare is what you’ll think about, then don’t go at all,” she charged.


The sex coach tipped that for any woman to have an orgasm, the most important things are being mentally ready for it, communicating to the man which spots she prefers to be touched and lastly, allowing herself to get to the highest point of ecstasy.