Sarkodie makes Forbes 30 under 30 list

Sarkodie’s highest YouTube Views is 57 Million, the Song is Adonai. It is a record in Ghana.

Shatta Wale’s highest is 8.2million and the song is Taking Over.


The same year Shata’s biggest song, Taking Over was released, Sarkodie release Pain Killer, it was said to be a bad year for Sark and yet, he got 11 million views on YouTube. Almost 3 million more than Shatta’s biggest song.

This year, Shatta has possibly the most hyped music I can remember, Gringo. In 5 months, Gringo has 1.9 million views on YouTube. Two months ago, Sark released Can’t Let you go, no hype, nothing: the song currently has 2.4 million views. Almost 500 thousand more than Shatta’s over-hyped Gringo.

YouTube is currently one of the biggest measure of popularity in creative art and it comes with money.


Despite so much talk about numbers and the aggressive support Shatta seems to enjoy from his movement locally, it appears it does not reflect in key indicators.

We can talk about shows too. The Reign Album launch is going to be the only key event Shatta has headlined in Ghana this year.

Clearly, Sark is still the top draw. They had a quality relationship but Shatta felt he was ready to step on the only artist arguably bigger than him currently.


He wanted to step on everyone and be the last man standing: it backfired

He tried to enter the Nigerian Market by fighting Wizkid, but the recent show in Nigeria clearly indicates that it didn’t fly.

He tried to use Sark to promote the Reign Album launch and this is the result.

He might get the numbers to fill the Fantasy Dome but that invincibility is broken by The Advice. The way out will be to reinvent himself He can’t fight to stay relevant again, that trick is now public knowledge.

Everyone now knows that all the support your own clarion call was an agenda for himself

Shatta simply needed to keep Sark close.

The anger of his fans is interesting, you guys don’t even give the guy numbers on YouTube: how can you buy his songs on ITunes?

They wanted him to be the accredited bully without anyone hitting back. A man who makes a conscious effort to fight everyone to be in the limelight isn’t a victim when the majority fight back.

Don’t be competitive to the point of undervaluing quality friendship

It should have been Sark and Shatta instead of Shatta vs Sark.

By: Isaac Kyei Andoh


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