The Ghana media for a while now has been throwing more spotlight on certain persons who eventually come to prove they weren’t baked for such exposure. Well, it must be noted that the phenomenon is not a Ghanaian exclusive behaviour but it is a global issue. One would and can easily blame social media for the speed at which some supposed celebrities are given attention and same media can be blamed for making these so-called celebrities vanish from the limelight of the entertainment industry.

In the case of Ghanaians, these celebrities are ignored immediately they begin to produce something meaningful for the public’s consumption. If it’s music, no one patronises. Lack of creativity also hinders their potential of building a career from whatever fame they enjoy.


Here are some persons who got famous and fell out of fame as quickly as they had it.

Shatta Bundle

Ghanaian comedian Idris Firdaus, popularly referred to as Shatta Bundle, quickly rose to fame when a video of him claiming to be richer than Africa’s richest, Aliko Dangote went viral on social media. After the video, Shatta Bundle received massive attention from the media, he had contracts to just brag at events, and was even featured in a music video by Peter of P- Square fame. However, three months down the line and shatta bundle cannot be found.


Shatta Bundle had no talent to sell aside claiming to be the richest person in Africa. He got the chance to travel to Nigeria on several occasions and visited Dubai also.



Mr. Eventuarry was a Ghanaian Taxi driver until he became a social media sensation when a video of him laughing and saying “eventuarry” instead of eventually went viral on the internet. He had his own share of media attention, he was once featured on the Makorla versus Kejetia comic court show. However, in recent times, it seems as though Mr. Eventuarry never existed. Like Shatta Bundle, he also got the chance to visit Nigeria.

Nana Lace

One time hit and Ghanaian rapper, Nana Lace, became popular after he killed a freestyle on Doctor Pound’s show, swiftly after he released a banger titled “Ablekuma”. This got him a huge following but after a while, they halted supporting him and losing interest in him making Nana Lace almost irrelevant in the Ghanaian music industry. He spent less than a month and disappeared.


Honourable Aponkye

Nana Adabor Ibrahim Isaah Ampim, popularly known as Honorable Aponkye, rose to fame after he was introduced by Nana Aba Anamoah about his quest to become the Assembly man for the Adukrom Nima electoral area. Although the interview with Nana Aba gave him the platform, his ridiculous policies like providing “morli koko” for every electorate in his electoral area did the magic for him. He was even featured in the Ghana Jesus series. However, today Honorable Aponkye seems to be missing. He will probably be heard again in four years time when he intends to contest for the Assemblyman position again.


Oswald was a 72-hour twitter sensation. The gentleman made it to the limelight when he was able to make some consistent number of betting predictions. The accuracy with his predictions earned him the title “bet god”. Eventually, Twitter users were urging him to run for president in the 2020 elections because his betting predictions had saved and transformed lives, but today, Oswald the saviour is nowhere to be found. People started unfollowing him when he decided to use his following to embark on a more useful cause.


Supa is legally known as Seth Koranteng. Supa and Ghana 2Pac are his showbiz names. He is 30 years old. Supa or Ghana 2pac became very famous when he received a shout out from Ghana’s most decorated rapper, and boss of Sarkcess music, Sarkodie. Like the others, he had some side gigs such as performing at the Limann Hall week celebrations at the University of Ghana before vanishing from our social media newsfeeds.

AY Poyoo

AY Poyoo became famous when a viral video  where he claimed he is the greatest all-time rapper in Ghana. Although his music can be described as wack, his originality won him some audience with most Ghanaians. Like others before him, he was granting interviews and now has a comic YouTube series of his own. Although he can still boast of media attention, Ghanaians are fast becoming fed up with him.


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