Ghanaian singer and model, Sister Derby has found love again after Medikal left her for Fella Makafui according to

According to an exclusive report by, Sister Derby is currently in a romantic relationship with a 21-year-old Ghanaian Belgium-based footballer.


Read the full report below.

Sister Derby after rapper Medikal dumped her has finally found love and this time, it’s a footballer ─warming the bed of the brokenhearted model and singer.

34-year-old Sister Derby who was dumped Medikal a few months ago did not waste time at all ─she has moved on quickly and fell in love with a 21-year-old Ghanaian Belgium-based footballer, apparently his ‘football age’.


The majority of Ghanaians thought Sister Derby was going wait for a while before jumping into another relationship but Hell NO ─she has moved on from the “Medikal-Fella Makafui social media nonsense” and enjoying her new relationship.

Even though the relationship isn’t 6 months old but our source tells us that, things are really going on well between Sister Derby and her 21-year-old footballer boyfriend.

As the popular saying goes “Once bitten, twice shy”, Sister Derby is keeping her romantic relationship with the footballer very private.


Life is too short not to fall in love again and again! Sister Derby even if this relationship also fails, move on quickly to the next available person ─probably a boxer! LOL.

Below is a purported leaked chat between Sister Derby and her 21-year-old footballer boyfriend.



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