Singer, Daud releases ‘Born Of The Chaos’ EP

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The incredibly talented Ghanaian musician, Daud Agyeman, has released a new EP which he titles ‘Born of the Chaos’.

Born Of The Chaos is hinged upon the period spanning the creation of this body of work which was quite a chaotic time as the whole world was literally battling a pandemic that toppled the smooth continuity of daily routines.


This Extended Play(EP) was also put together around the time when Daud was working on his final desertion. He was plagued by uncertainties regarding the prospects of the future and the loss of certain relationships that at the time, were valuable to him.

However, amidst this same chaos and loss, Daud was enlightened by the birth of his niece, the beautiful baby on the cover art of this project and it is from this birth that he derived inspiration for the cover art and title of his project ‘Born of the chaos’.

Born of the Chaos is loaded with seven (7) songs as is the conventionally accepted limit for the number of tracks an EP should have. The project opens with ‘Early Bird'( Agro) which speaks basically on how the early bird catches the worm, followed by ‘Grind’ featuring J Tunez who also doubles as the producer of that song. Grind talks about being proactive if you want to succeed at anything in life and as is said in the song “We dey Grind for the kwatcha”. The third song, “Different” which is more of a self-gratifying song is where Daud stresses how different his musical vibe is from the regular.


Tonight, which is the fourth song, basically talks about the nightlife. The fifth and sixth songs “My Girl” and “Wo da makoma so” are Daud’s mediums of professing his love and affection for a girl. The last song “Peace Of Mind” features Daud talking about how above everything else, he seeks, peace of mind is paramount.

Daud’s expectations for this project is to have it serve as a résumé to his musical prowess as well as shatter for him glass ceilings and open doors that were formerly closed. The songs on the EP were produced by J_tunezgh, Siemaa and Iyke Parker and it was executively produced by Mawuse Vuvor Of BigMouth studios with Sonny Obodai as the cover art design guru.