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Shut up Duncan Williams! – Ekow Kevin Taylor says ‘With All Due Respect’

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Host of With All Due Respect, Ekow Kevin Taylor, has taken a swipe at Archbishop Duncan Williams for asking the Christian community to desist from commenting on the recent case involving now defunct Capital Bank and Pastor Mensa Otabil.

In his usual wild tone on his show, the controversial and outspoken host, asked Duncan Williams to shut up and allow Ghanaians vent their anger on his fellow pastor, Dr. Mensa Otabil who was the board chairman of the collapsed bank.

An angry Taylor speaking on his show told the Archbishop to stay in his lane and not get into this matter as it “may expose him just as his friend and fellow pastor Mensa Otabil had been exposed”.

“With all due respect can Dr. Duncan Williams shut up and allow us to retrieve our money from your friend, Dr. Mensa Otabil. I will urge you (referring to Duncam Williams) with all the due respect in this world to try and stick to what has made you relevant till date. Getting involve in murky issues like this will expose you and make you a hypocrite in the eyes of God,” he said.

Kevin Taylor also urged Ghanaians to seek for justice by quoting portions of the scriptures that talk about punishment and rewards for our actions.

“What we know as Christians is we always have to give to God what is for God and to Caesar what is for Caesar. When one commits a crime their reward is punishment and when one does good, their reward is blessing. Mensah Otabil has committed a crime and has to face the law” he said.

Kevin Taylor’s utterances comes on the back of a video circulating on social media in which the General overseer of Action Chapel could be heard telling his congregation not to join the masses in crucifying a fellow Christian who was in difficult times.

Watch the full video below: