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Shocking facts about Atta Mills’ death

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It has been six years since the death of former president, John Evans Atta Mills, but the cause of the former president’s death still remains unknown.

The stories surrounding the death of Atta Mills continues to be shrouded in conspiracy as the opposition NDC holds tightly the full medical report of the former president.


Unfortunately, the death of Atta Mills, has opened the Pandora box to more shocking speculations and assertions of the former president.

The biological brother of the former president, Dr Cadman Mills has made quite shocking revelations about his death.

In an interaction with StarrFM, Dr Cadman Mills revealed that his brother, Atta Mills, was one of the loneliest presidents Ghana ever had and that his ministers and persons close to him at the presidency never even bothered to engage him in conversations.


“Oh! My God I would go to his quarters in the castle which were not really basically fit for human being to live in. I mean my God and he will be sitting in this chair very quietly. He said there were times he would have to call people that he knew were the late president’s friends and tell them that please come and visit him,” he revealed. continues to search for the cause of Atta Mill’s death and we realized that the former president could have died from severe complications of stroke.This was seen on the home screen of Google Ghana.

So far, the cause of the death of the president remains mysterious as the NPP government has pledged its resolve to reveal to the people of Ghana what actually caused the president his life.


It remains certainly unknown what may have caused his unfortunate death but rumors have it that he may have suffered from progressive throat cancer which Cadman Mills say did affect “his eyesight and ability to hear well.”

President Mills remains one of the most illustrious presidents in the history of Ghana.

Since his short tenure of office, Ghana was documented to be the fastest growing economy in the world as the Cedi had stood marginally high against the dollar and inflation at a single digit.

His death saw thousands of Ghanaians including hundreds of members from the diplomatic corps show their last respects.